Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Longer a 5K Virgin (Pt. 1)!

So, let me start by saying, I refuse to waste an entire post explaining my brief hiatus. In short, the thought of blogging started to illicit the feeling I get when I wait until the last minute to complete my grad school assignments.  Blogging started to feel like an assignment or a chore, no longer exciting or fun. BUT, as of late, I started to miss blogging and my bloggy buddies.  In addition, I let a few people ruin the experience of blogging for me. With that being said...on with the show!

A few post ago I suggested that my blog readers "stay tuned"  for an exciting announcement.

Ladies & gentlemen, I ran my 1st 5K on May 8th! My mom, cousin and myself ran the Summer Kick-Off Fun Run.
 On Thursday before the race, I picked up my participant's packet from the local ON-THE-RUN running store. Retrieving my packet made the experience surreal. When I pulled my bib from the bag, a plethora of emotions flooded my body: anxiety, trepidations, excitement, just to name a few. After I checked out my race swag I headed home and  dressed for my last day of training.

So how did I train for my first 5K? I chose the Couch to 5K (C25K)approach to prepare. Truth be told, I started the C25K program last summer, but for whatever reason I quit  during the middle of week 6...go figure. This time around I COMPLETED the program and now stand before you a C25K graduate. I AM PROUD to say write I CAN run for 30 consecutive minutes! thinking about running now? For novice runners, like myself, I recommend this iTunes C25K app.

 Why choose this app? Well for starters, the ability to use my favorite songs for my running play-list appealed to me.
 For last summer's first attempt, I downloaded a podcast , which utilizes the podcast creator's music of choice. Some songs I enjoyed, while other grated on my nerves. Each week you run to the same podcast for 3 days, so on the third day  those nerve graters make you want to run into oncoming traffic, or hurl your iPod  through someone's windshield. For me, music makes a world of difference in my workouts. Quite frequently, the right song brings me from the brink of throwing in the towel.

If you own an older generation iPod, download the C25K podcasts here. Other podcasts, 5K programs, and apps exist; so, you need to find what works for you.

Stay tuned for more pics, race info, AND a wacky vlog detailing my first 5K experience. My mom "lost" my  race card, so when she finds my card, I can provide you with more race the fact that I probably finished 599 out of

Before I wrote this post about my 5K adventure, I revisted an older post, titled...In honor of my 50th post. In a nutshell, I celebrated my 50th post by making a list of 50 reasons why I want to remove this weight forever. #35 on my a 5K! Well now, that's one more "achievement" I can cross of my 50 Reasons List!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


*wiping cobwebs off keyboard* Rather than waste time with excuses, let me reassure you I plan to get some posts up real soon...for those that care (lol).  I confess, I feel slightly frustrated or annoyed or maybe both by the fickleness of social networking and blogging;-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Field Trip: Running Shoe Shopping

So a couple of Saturdays ago, my Mom and I went of a field trip in search of new running, well in my case jogging shoes. We ventured to Sports Authority to make our purchases, and in less than 30 minutes we departed the store with running shoes in hand. Believe it or not, hunger tends to encourage quick decisions.

After our brief shopping excursion, we decided to try a new restaurant...Mimi's Cafe!
Okay, so a new restaurant...and of course my first priority entails searching the menu for healthier choices. Now a days, most restaurants tailor their menus to meet the needs of those seeking a healthier lifestyle. And sure enough, Mimi's serves healthy lifestyle friendly meals found in the Just Enough section of the menu. Even better, the menu also lists the nutrition facts for the Just Enough meals!

I started my meal with a most delicious salad:
For my main course I chose the Sweet and Sour Chicken entree. The low level of sodium heavily influenced my decision:

My mom ordered the Chicken Piccata:
After devouring our meals my Mom and I burned off our lunch calories by power shopping.

We wrapped up our power shopping in order for me to pick the boys up from dance rehearsal. Unfortunately, I headed home to late to squeeze in a run and try out my new kicks.
 Kicks: shoes that are ill. Ill meaning tha bomb.

The next day, my kicks and I hit the pavement running at the park. My new shoes made a world of difference and I kicked some asphalt. Truth be told, I needed new shoes months ago. According to my mom runners should replace their shoes ever 300 to 400 miles or every 6 months. Wearing shoes toe up from the floor up increases your chance of running related injuries.

Toe up from the floor up: to be bad looking or messed up.

Signs of that your running shoes may be Toe Up From the Floor Up:
  • Painful runs that cause your knees or shins to hurt.
  • High shoe mileage
  • Just plain worn out!
To prevent my new kicks from wearing out before their time, I plan to buy an additional pair of running shoes and rotate the two.

Did you know you can donate your old running shoes to Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe and Soles for Souls? You learn something new everyday.

What kind of shoes do you wear for your workouts or runs?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"TOOT TOOT TUESDAY!!" my first installment of "TOOT TOOT TUESDAY" created by me, Me So Hongry! I developed TOOT TOOT TUESDAY as a means for others to toot their own horn! So, take this opportunity to boast your most recent weight loss triumphs. Or help others by leaving nuggets of wisdom that work for you!

Can you do me favor? Spread the word about "TOOT TOOT TUESDAY" via twitter using the the hashtag #toottoottuesday

Okay, so TOOT TOOT TUESDAY works like this:
  1. Leave a comment tooting your own horn or share some weight loss or exercise tips that may benefit other blog readers.

  2. Link up below so others can follow your thumbnail to read your toots!

  3. Return to your blog and spread the word about toot toot Tuesday by writing a post and linking it back to my blog. Be sure to grab the code below to let you readers know you toot! If you prefer, grab the code you can also copy&paste the image below instead of grabbing the code.

    Okay link-up time:

    Thanks for participating and GET YA TOOT ON!

    Did you miss my post announcing the what a CROCK giveaway? Click here to enter! Okay...get ta tooting!

    Sunday, May 2, 2010

    What a CROCK...CSN Stores Giveaway!

    WOW...I need to share some exciting new with y'all! CSN Stores recently contacted me to host a giveaway! With over 200+ online stores, CSN stores sells just about any and everything from cookware to track lighting

    Before I reveal the details of this fabulous giveaway, let me share a few products from CSN stores I plan to add to my Mother's Day gifts wish list to help me, a clumsy novice chef,  navigate my way through the kitchen:

    A food scale plays an integral role with my weight loss. This scale provides many many more functions than my food scale.
    #1 on MY Mother's Day gifts wish list...DECENT cookware! These Emerilware pans put my shabby pots to shame!
    Okay...okay on to the GIVEAWAY!!! Courtesy of CSN stores, one lucky Me So Hongry blog reader will win a Proctor-Silex 4 Qt Round Crock Pot!! Crock pots rock for the simple fact that you throw your meal in the crock pot and walk away. 5 or 6 hours later...BAM...a fix it and forget meal ready to be devoured!
    To enter the giveaway for your chance to win, do one or ALL of the following:
    1. Visit one of the online CSN Stores' websites and LEAVE A COMMENT telling  me which item you want to add to YOUR Mother's Day gifts wish lists. And fellas, which item would you add to your Father's Day gifts wish list.

    2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling me your favorite crock pot recipe.

    3. POST A LINK about the giveaway on your blog!
    Easy as 1-2-3! How about more chances to win:
    1. Follow me on Twitter and LEAVE A COMMENT on my blog telling me.

    2. POST this giveaway on TWITTER and LEAVE A COMMENT on my blog telling me.

    3. Become a friend of MeSo Hongry on FACEBOOK. Just click the badge on the sidebar.
    Giveaway rules:
    The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and will close on Friday, May 28th CST @11:59 PM. A winner will be randomly selected using and notified via email.
      New to my blog? Take a seat and peruse some post from the past. I highlighted some of my favorite posts in the oldies but goodies section found on my sidebar. 

      Good Luck and happy commenting!!

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