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Sunday, December 5, 2010


As of late, I seem to be yo-yoing on the scale...up & down, up & down, up & down. I try not to place much emphasis on the number I see each week on the scale, but sometimes I do get caught up.  Each day I remind myself  that weight loss revolves around more than a number on the scale. For me, weigh loss means:
What does weight loss mean to you? 

Yesterday, my boys and  I made our weekly trek to the grocery store. I turned down the spice aisle to look for some garlic powder; however, a huge bag of sugar caught my eye. Upon closer examination, I discovered the humongous bag weighed 25lbs.  I thought to myself for a moment...Since beginning my weight loss endeavor, I managed to shed 50+  lbs. With that in mind I quickly grabbed my camera took the following pictures:

I needed this visual to remind me of my weight loss accomplishments! And let me tell you, I tried to lift those heavy bags of sugar by myself, but I eventually enlisted help from my boys. I cannot believe I carried all that weight on my petite frame. When I hit 60 (soon, real soon), I plan to grab a wagon out of the toy department and fill it with 60 lbs of something.

Now, I challenge YOU to take a "THIS IS WHAT ___LBS LOOKS LIKE" picture.  Post your pic on your blog and leave me a comment so I can check it out!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

The turkey ain't the only thing that got stuffed...

Just a quick update...last week's Thanksgiving shenanigans and high jinks brought with it, a 2.8 pound gain! I confess, I overindulged. But, that happens when you fail to plan. You know the saying ( I use it quite a bit here on my blog), If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I started my week off with the best intentions of staying on track, but my resolve weakened in the presence of ALL decadent desserts. I handled the Thanksgiving dinner with ease; however, my downfall transpired courtesy of the cakes, cookies, and candies that mesmerized my palate with their ooey gooey sugary sweetness!

Despite my holiday weight loss debacle, I vow to not lose any more ground this holiday season. I hope the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program gives me the spark I need to steer my weight loss into a more positive direction...more bout the new program later...LOTS MORE!

In the midst of my overindulging I managed to find time to get out and enjoy life. My boys and I attended the Usher OMG Tour...O, O, O, O, O, O...OMG! I picked up this jazzy ensemble from my new favorite store, FOREVER 21! A couple of months ago, the mall expanded the original FOREVER 21 by combining the woman's, men's, and accessories stores...AND they added a plus sizes and children's clothes.

Some of the clothes tend to lean toward the younger crowd, but after I weed through the hoochie wear, I tend to find a few age appropriate piece.

In keeping with our yearly tradition a few family members gathered at my aunt's house the day before Thanksgiving for GUMBO! Check us out, line dancing in the kitchen...GOOD TIMES!

Well, that concludes my Thanksgiving recap. One last thing, I apologize for the lack of blogging and blog excuses. There's just no enough hours in the day!




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haters & Food Pushers: NO MEANS NO!

Last Saturday's WW meeting AND tomorrow's impending Thanksgiving celebrating, prompted me to republish one of my favorite post titled HATERAID #1 DRINK OF HATERS. With any holiday, food, family, and friends surround you. And unfortunately, the food pushers come from out of the woodwork to bombard you with phrases like, "Try this, one little bite won't kill you." Or, "You can work out tomorrow."

As well as food pushers, a hater or two may try to throw salt in your weight loss "game" my making you feel bad about your weight loss efforts thus far. They may say things like, "Why do you want to lose weight?"   Or, "50 lbs...that's it! You could stand to lose more!" To help you survive the Thanksgiving pushers and haters, please use the following post at your own discretion. 

throw salt: throw salt means to interfere with one's plans or actions.

Hater: Someone who makes themselves feel good by knocking others down. Haters fail to recognize the accomplishment of others. Put simply, haters will not be happy for you.

An example of conversing with a hater:
TinaEvery since the promotion, Martin has stepped up his wardrobe.
Lisa (hater)If he's stepped up his wardrobe then why does he still wear that 1985 Member's Only jacket?

Hater-Aid: The drink of haters.
Used in a sentence:
Dang, why are you hating on Martin? Have you been drinking hater-aid?

Unfortunately haters live among us. Some work with us. They arrive at work with their boxes of kolaches and donuts coercing us to gobble them up. "Go one. You can eat just one." I call them THE PUSHERS. Drug dealers more like it...pushing my drug of choice...FOOD! The pushers push and push and push and push until you cave. AND THEY KNOW...they know you're trying your very bestest (not a real word, but it is now) to lead a healthy lifestyle. They know. In my opinion haters thrive on your failure. In the mind of a hater your failure confirms what they think they know about you...that you will fail to succeed at losing weight.

At my previous job (Head Start, no names), my colleagues sometimes made comments dripping with sarcasm, "Oh look at you eating all healthy. Hmmm...good for you." Whatever hater! I so badly wanted to respond, "The grocery store sells healthy food to everyone, not just me." Fortunately the ladies at my current job respect my weight loss efforts and offer food just once. AND A few of them provide encouragement and cheer me on...THANKS LADIES! But for those of you, not so fortunate I offer a few ways to avoid the THE PUSHERS a.k.a workplace HATERS:
  • Bring snacks or store snacks at work in case of hater emergencies. Same thing applies for holiday gatherings. Bring an emergency snack if you arrive and the holiday feast is not ready.
  • Lead by example...bring healthy alternatives for breakfast like bagels from Einstein Bros. 
  • STAY OUT OF THE LOUNGE or whatever "corner" the pushers hang out on. During holiday gatherings, stay OUT of the kitchen or away from the dessert table. Hang out outside and toss the old pigskin with the kids. 
  • Eat a hearty breakfast.
The same rules apply for potlucks or holiday feasts:
  • Bring your own lunch and only serve yourself the healthier potluck options: fruit, salad, low-fat dishes, etc.
  • Lead by example..bring a healthy dish to the potluck and only eat your food and some of the healthier options.
Refrain from falling victim to haters at work. Simply tell them no and keep it moving. If they can't take no for an answer then simply high-five their face with your hand. Keep in mind, not all pushers at work are haters. Just explain to unintentional pushers that you tend to move in a healthier direction when making food choices.

Now, the next type of hater (the most devastating type of hater) which I tend to lump into one category...THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY HATER! I deemed this hater the most devastating BECAUSE you expect friends and family to support whatever decisions you make regarding your healthy lifestyle changes. Sometimes your friends and family take on the role of the saboteur by making you feel bad about wanting to better your life and by discrediting weight loss progress made. can count on them all can count on them to point out ALL of the mistakes your making during your weight loss endeavor. Fortunately I have an awesome support system composed of my MOM and the SC (shout out to the Sista Circle). You know your friends and family better than I do, but when faced with a FRIENDS AND FAMILY HATER I offer the following advice:
  • You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends. I've HAD friends who made me feel like I needed to hide my successes. The operative word in the previous sentence ...HAD! 
  • Try to refrain from forcing your new lifestyle on other people. This is a hard one. I enjoy sharing new products, successes, tips and recipes. Just make sure you share with people who...ummm...actually care. I decided a "safe" place to talk about my journey is here in this blogosphere chocked full of encouragement!
  • DO NOT RELINQUISH YOUR POWER TO HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haters can't make you feel bad about yourself UNLESS you give them the power...YOUR POWER!

Well, I decided to STOP handing over my power to haters, and I resigned to stop associating with them as well. Hanging out with haters produces too much negative energy.

In closing...I leave you with this:


How do you deal with the haters in your life?

Friday, November 12, 2010


Before you read this a sista out and furniture for the staff lounge WHEN we WIN! 

Listen up Houston blogger peeps...THIS FRIDAY MARKS THE 1st ANNUAL HIP HOP SHOWCASE FOR FLY WELLNESS & MOVEMENT ARTS STUDIO! Support the ARTS and attend...

Witness energy and enthusiasm on stage as some of Houston's best hip-hop dancers represent! 

Watch some of the fabulousness for yourself; CHECK OUT my oldest performing with the core crew!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marvelous Mini Meatloaves...MMMMMMMMMM!

In my quest to jazz up my weight loss efforts I decided to try a new recipe...Turkey  Mini Meatloaves from the cookbook, Cook Yourself Thin (as seen on Lifetime Television). Baking the meatloaves in mini loaves or individual portions helps maintain portion control.  

Turkey Mini Meatloaves
Serves 4
Calories per serving , meatloaves:227

For the meatloaf:
1 slice whole wheat bread
½ cup skim milk
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon olive oil
1 onion, diced
5-ounce bag baby spinach leaves
¼pounds of ground turkey
2 tablespoons finely grated Parmesan
1 large egg
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

For the glaze:
3 tablespoons ketchup
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon hot sauce

1.PREHEAT oven to 375 degrees. 

2. GRIND the bread in a food processor until fine crumbs form. Transfer to a large bowl, and pour milk over crumbs.

3.  HEAT 1 teaspoon oil in a large skillet, preferably nonstick, over medium heat.  Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened and golden,  about 5 minutes.  Add spinach, and stir until just wilted , about 30 seconds.  Transfer to bowl with soaked crumbs.  Add the turkey cheese, egg, salt, pepper, and nutmeg.  Combine the mixture with your hands until well mixed, it may be quite wet. Okay...I veered from the recipe just a bit. Instead of spinach, I threw in some carrot shreds and zucchini.

4. PACK 1 cup of the mixture into a 1-cup dry measuring cup. Invert the cup onto to a rimmed baking sheet, gently shaking the cup to release the mixture. Gently pat the mound to smooth its shape. Repeat with the remaining mixture,  Bake mini meatloaves until cooked through and golden , about 40 minutes.

5. WHILE THE MEATLOAVES ARE COOKING, make the glaze: in a small bowl combine the ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. I did not make the glaze. I ate my meatloaves sans glaze.

6. REMOVE the meatloaves form the oven, brush the glaze over meatloaves, and enjoy!

According to the cookbook authors, spinach keeps the mixture moist without adding fat. I concur; even though I substituted zucchini and carrots for spinach, the meatloaves remained moist even after eating leftovers for 2 days. 

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hope your Halloween brought you a night full of fun and frights! Despite a last minute costume change (beyond my control), Halloween proved to be spook-takular  delight! Originally, I planned to rock a Whore-thy Dorothy costume, and in my excitement I hastily purchased ruby slippers and basket complete with Toto.
 So, instead of going as Dorothy I pulled this vintage ensemble from my closet.
In keeping with our yearly tradition, the boys and I rolled to Mimi's (my Mom) and distributed Halloween eats & treats to excited trick-or-treaters. This year we added a new addition to our Halloween tradition...our little cousin Spiderman!

After we handed out the last piece of candy we hit the streets to get some trick-or-treating done! My youngest decided to dress as JabbaWockee for Halloween. No, not the Jabbawokee from Alice in Wonderland. A JabbaWockee from the critically acclaimed dance crew. 
The video below highlights the JabbaWockees' last performance on the show America's Best Dance Crew.
In the entire neighborhood, only one teenage boy asked my son if he was a  JabbaWockee. Everyone else just gave him  a WTH look...guess they're not big dance fans!

I put together this photo montage to share some Halloween highlights. Make sure you check out the video of me screaming in the "haunted house" towards the end of the montage.

I hope you enjoyed the montage. 

As far as my candy consumption, I used my cheat sheet. I only ate 1 Snickers (2pts), and 1 Resees' Peanut Butter Cup (2 pts). I wanted to use my point for Gumbo my mom made, rather than candy. 

For next Halloween my boys and I decided to make it a family affair. We're gonna "EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD" as Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. mom will play the role of the Good Witch! So, GET STARTED on sewing those costumes MOM!

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


THE WINNER OF MY "$75 CSN Christmas Comes Early Giveaway IS...


Heather over at Scoomer! CONGRATS HEATHER and HAPPY SPENDING!

Quick weigh-in update...
Last Saturday's weigh results, -.6, the equivalent to a tube of toothpaste. Not bad, I lost a tube of toothpaste.   A loss is a loss no matter how big or small. And you know what? All of those small losses add up!  

So what's in store for this week? MY BIRTHDAY!  AND I PLAN TO GET MY PARTY ON!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"EGG-cellent" Breakfast Cassarole

Weigh In Updates... week before last I weighed in, and nearly chucked the scale through the WW store-front when I saw the 4 lb. GAIN in my weigh in booklet! YES, 4 lbs!  I thank TOM and few skipped days of taking my blood pressure meds for the gain:-( Well this past Saturday, TOM vamoosed and I got back on track with my meds...and guess what?  I LOST 6.7 LBS. I KNOW...A WICKED AWESOME LOSS!!

Blogger Meet Up...
God's Favorite Shoes (my homie) suggested a Houston blogger meet up sometime during the month of November. Anyone game? If so, hit me up via email or leave a comment! 

Alright, on to the crux of my post. My big loss gave me the momentum I need to stay on track and focus this week. As a result, I planned my menu and I am actually executing it. You know planning is key, but planning only works when you FOLLOW the plan...DUH.  Many many weeks I sat myself down, made a menu and veered from the menu by eating random crap like frozen dinners. 

Well, as I thumbed through some recipe books, I found one of my breakfast favorites in the Body for Life Cookbook by Bill Phillips.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trick-or-Treat Cheat Sheet

In my world, October starts the season of gluttony. Kicking of the gluttonfest...Halloween. For some, Halloween conjures spooky, SCARY images of ghost, vampires, Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Krueger. For me, Halloween conjures horrifying images of: Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M &Ms, Kit Kat etc. At this time of year the overwhelming candy onslaught makes it hard to stay on track and on plan! To keep it together this, Halloween I employed a few tips.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday, my body screamed in pain with every move I made. EVERYTHING HURT...EVERYTHING! 
 When I coughed...IT HURT!
  When I laughed...IT HURT!
And the source of my pain...two words...BOOT CAMP! In addition to my weekly ZUMBA and kick boxing classes, I made the insane decision to give boot camp a try. The minute I walked in the door and caught a glimpse of the instructor's t-shirt I panicked! His shirt read...


And let me be the one to tell you, "THAT SHIRT AIN'T LYING!"  A time or two I overheard a couple of fellow boot campers let some expletives fly.

For me, the MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS bring out the worst in me! When I see Art (the instructor) pull the towels from the black bag I CRINGE!  What are MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS you ask? I can show you better than I can tell you!

Have you entered my "CSN Christmas Comes Early" $75 Giveaway? Hurry and enter! The contest ends October 29, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Comes Early This Year...CSN GIVEAWAY TIME!

Courtesy of CSN Stores, CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY this year. Did you know only 68 shopping days remain until Christmas? Well, 69 if you wait until the last minute and shop at Walgreen's on Christmas Day. So, how about I do you a favor and help you get a head start on your holiday shopping.  CSN Stores and I teamed up to award 1 lucky  reader a $ 75 promotional code to be used on any of CSN's  200+ websites  where you can find any and everything from health & fitness products to modern bar furniture.

Over 200 online stores!
An extra added benefit of winning the can shop for holiday gifts from the comfy confines of your couch. No holiday hustle and bustle & no road rage from sitting in holiday gridlock.  And for those of you (friends & family) wracking your brain wondering what to get me for Christmas; let me put your mind at ease. How about a few of each works for me:
DVD Recorder

I need a new food scale due to the unfortunate accident of my previously owned scale.

I could use this blender to make my scrumptious WW cappuccino smoothies.

...stability balls

So, how can you get your hands on the $75 promotional code?

To enter:
  1. Visit CSN stores and leave a comment telling me what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas.
  2. Tweet about my CSN "Christmas Comes Early" $75 Giveaway and leave a comment telling me.
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Additional entry opportunities:
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  3. Use any share option below like digg, stumble, etc. and leave a comment telling me.

Giveaway rules:
The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and will close on Friday, October 28, 2010 CST @11:59 PM. A winner will be randomly selected using and notified via email.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girl Make that Booty POP!

DO YOU NEED SOME MOTIVATION? I just received a COLOSSAL dose of some much needed motivation via TJ's Test Kitchen...check out her journey in pictures. Make sure you grab a box of Kleenex. 

So...TODAY quite a few coworkers complimented me on my ensemble. In all honesty, I thought I looked jazzy everyday (LOL).  As well, yesterday many coworkers admired my new hairstyle, which thanks to tonight's ZUMBA class no longer exist.  

As soon as I arrived home I looked for one of my photographers.  Of course, my youngest rolled his eyes and called me weird for asking him to help me with my afternoon photo-shoot. My kids DO NOT understand the whole blogging thing. Anywho, I call this look...     
I borrowed the glasses from my son for an extra added touch...tres chic!
 A fellow first grade teacher looked at me and then announced, "I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!" I replied, "Girl, I shopped for these clothes in my closet." I wore both the skirt and the shirt during my chunkier days.  Last week I took the skirt to the alteration shop. And yes I escaped the shop unscathed! I rocked the belt to detract from the bagginess of the shirt.

On to the booty poppin! The ZUMBA instructor introduced some new routines, and one of them quickly became my favorite:

Monday, October 11, 2010


I started writing this post last Tuesday, but after I wrote a few paragraphs the post started to feel a bit FORCED, so I stepped away from the computer to let my loss and some other happenings marinate...without further adieu my "big loss post..."

I kid you not...5lbs lost last week. I try not to focus on numbers, but 5 lbs bares some mentioning! I tweeted my news and a fellow Tweep asked me what did I do differently last week. Well, for starters...
  • After a strenuous workout, I drink an EAS protein drink or Muscle Milk to build muscle. In addition, drinking a protein beverage after working out helps your body recover.
  •  A couple of weeks ago I decided to double up on my physical activity. I complete both a ZUMBA and kickboxing class on Wednesday nights...two hours of hardcore sweating to the MAX! Last week I burned around 1005 calories...SHAZAAM!

  • I restricted the number of times I ate "bad" sugary cereal. Why do I own bad sugary cereal? Look folks, some things (like cereal) I know I must give up, but I refuse to. I am a work in progress. 

  • Beans, beans, beans. I find when I eat beans I tend to lose. Unwanted side effects: GAS! My advice... I recommend you not standing downwind when the cannon fires!

  • I stopped letting my new job stress me out. No more staying late...I still bring a little work home. I realized the importance of taking the time to take  care of ME!
So as promised in my last post my GLOWS & GROWS!

  • I need to track more consistently. Rather,  I need to start tracking...PERIOD!  Every week I watch other WW participants accept awards for losing. And every time the leader asks, "What's working for you?" And every time the "loser" responds, "Tracking."  My iTouch makes tracking easy, but I never pick it up to track.  When I rock WW the program I track my food ahead of time at night. Sometimes, I jot the food I eat down and track at the end of the day. Since losing a little balance (thanks to my new job, which I love), my tracking fell by the wayside. 

  • I MUST find time to plan meals and grocery shopping excursions. The key to weight loss, no the key to anything you want to accomplish...PLANNING!
  • Again, I try not to get caught up in numbers, BUT...I purchased a pair of size 12 pants this weekend. Sizes vary from store to store, so I remind myself not to "judge a book by it's cover" so to speak. I really wanted these pants for work, so I told myself, "Aww what the heck...I'm gonna try this size 12."  What's the worst that could happen? Worst case scenario I pull the pants over my hips, they get stuck, and then I'd call for back up from the dressing room biggie.  

  • I used some new strategies to curb my late night snacking:
I purchased Life Savers and popped one in my mouth when I felt like snacking.
I stayed busy by helping my mom wrap 75 candy bars for various functions:

The funny thing, I never wanted to eat one of these yummy chocolate bars.
My brain entered work eating allowed!
Since starting the post last Tuesday, I weighed in again and the scale tried to ruin my weekend with a +.6 gain. Not even a whole pound. Basically I gained a tube of toothpaste (whoop-de-doo).  This just means I must work harder this week.

 I am already off to a bad start. Last Friday I went to the salon to get beautified for my grandmother's 95th birthday party this past weekend; so, now my hair looks FAB to get sweaty. If my mom read this post she would say, "Either you're gonna be fat and cute with fabulous hair, or you're going to be fit and sexy with not so fabulous hair"  And in my defeated voice I would reply, "Okay...I choose fit and sexy."  So tomorrow...ZUMBA!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


For whatever reason my  Internet decided to crap out on me last night! I planned to publish a post, but when I logged on...nothing. Rather than fool with AT&T, I rolled on over  to my  Mom's house to help finish some projects  for my grandmother's BIG BLOWOUT  95th birthday celebration this coming weekend.

I promise a post tonight detailing my big loss last week. If you follow me on Twitter you already know!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


"Be on the lookout! An ALL POINTS bulletin (APB) has been issued for my GROOVE!" Yes folks, my groove still remains on the lam. This week, the scale revealed a +2 gain...not surprised.  

What do you call THIS part of the weight loss journey?  THIS meaning the part where I struggle with eating and maintaining my new healthy lifestyle changes. I KNOW what I need to do, but why the sudden struggle?  I thought I figured IT out. IT meaning the SECRET to weight loss and keeping the weight at bay.

Do YOU want to know the SECRET? Well. here it is: 

You wanna slap me...don't you? TRUTH BE TOLD, if you move more and eat less, the positive results will soon follow! I know, I know...easier SAID than DONE! 

Right about now I kinda feel like the hare from Aesop's Fable The Tortoise and The Hare.   You know the story...the slow-moving tortoise challenges the over confident hare to a race. Long story short, the arrogant hare breezed past the tortoise and decided to take a nap. When the hare wakes up, he discovered the tortoise crept past him and WON the race.  Like the hare, I got a little cocky with my weight loss. I "took a nap" so to speak and a few ponds crept back on my body. 

With his quick speed, the hare figured he could win the race without even trying, kinda like me right now with the weight loss. And judging from my  recent weigh in results, at some point I stopped trying and  decided to coast on my 56 lb weight lost success.


I DO KNOW I refuse to go back to THAT...

I think the novelty of my weight loss endeavor wore off as my progress slowed down.

SO NOW WHAT...MAP OUT A PLAN, that's what. 

#1 Go back to the beginning. Once again, I revisited my start of the New Year blog posts and I ran across my GLOWS & GROWS.  My glows & grows served as my weekly attempt to evaluate my lifestyle change hits and misses. Glows & grows seemed like a helpful tool. Why did I stop?  Who knows. I think it would be a novel idea to reinstate them; so, each week I will record my glows & grows on my blog or in my personal journal or maybe both.

#2 Determine what I want. Somewhere down the line I lost focus and forgot what I want and why I do THIS. So what do I want? I want to do things my former heavier self permitted me from doing. Check this out, I volunteered to go HIKING on a field trip with my son's Aquatic Science class. 

#3 Overcoming Detours and Roadblocks Ahead! I discovered I really need to sit down and write a list of possible weight loss detour and road block solutions. Some of my roadblocks include, but are not limited to: celebrations at work, holidays, parties, late night snacking, secret snacking, grazing...need I go on? Any suggestions?  

#4 Celebrate & Appreciate! I need to appreciate and celebrate my success thus far. I am also working on appreciating the small losses. A loss is a loss, and all the small losses add up. Just last week I lost .4, the equivalent to a bar of soap. That's right I lost a bar of soap.

  • -2=spoon
  • -4=bar of soap
  • -6=toothpaste
  • -8=coffee cup

In addition, celebrating mini-milestones achieved along the way may help me stay on course. How do you celebrate weight loss milestone?

I dreaded writing this post, but now I feel a little better about my next step. And you know, we can learn a thing or two from that slow moving tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. Put I continue my arduous task of losing weight; I feel it best to work slowly but consistently to ensure long-lasting weight loss results. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

If YOU see my GROOVE...send it back HOME!

In regards to my ongoing weight loss battle, I CANNOT get BACK into the groove of things. My daily lackadaisical approach shows each week when I step on the scale at Weight Watchers. In hopes of getting my groove back, I decided to try to a couple of new recipes.

Seafood Pasta Salad 
...from the Body For Life Cookbook by Bill Phillips

2 portions bow tie pasta (about 4 oz uncooked)
2 portions cooked crab meat (about 8 oz), fresh, canned or frozen, thawed, chopped 
1 carrot, peeled and chopped (I used shredded carrots.)
1 celery stalk sliced 
1 tomato, sliced
1/4  c low-fat Italian dressing
1 lemon, halved
1/4 tsp ground black pepper

1. Prepare bow tie pasta according to its package directions. Rinse with cold running water; drain well.

2. While pasta is cooking, cut crab, celery, and tomato.

3. Next combine the crab meat, carrots, celery, Italian dressing, lemon juice, and black pepper in a large  mixing  bowl.  Add cooked pasta to crab mixture and toss to combine.

Check out my cool lemon squeezer thing-a-ma-bob from BIG LOTS.

4. Serve and enjoy.
Instead of low-fat Italian dressing I used Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. The book states the recipe serves 2, but after I mixed everything together I decided to split the pasta salad into 3 1/2 servings.  In addition, the book suggest that you serve the pasta on a bed of romaine salad, but I choose to skip that step. 

Enjoy your week and hopefully my groove returns this week! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I talk about it...I Tweet about it...I Facebook it...

And by it, I mean ZUMBA! Truth be told, I LOATHE exercise. I H.A.T.E. IT!  But the moment ZUMBA entered my life, my attitude about exercise drastically changed. Every Tuesday and Wednesday I look forward to shaking a tail feather! I wish the class was offered more than two days a week, but the instructor teaches a variety of classes at many other facilities.

So without further adieu...I present me grooving to my FAVORITE ZUMBA ROUTINE!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Serving up some leftovers...

For the weekends I decided to serve  up "leftovers" and  recycle my favorite posts. With my new busy, busy job, the weekends serve as a great opportunity to catch up on reading the blogs of others. most of you know, I fell sooooooo behind on reading your blogs.  But then again, some of you may not know since you decided to unfollow me due to a lack of  my visits and comments...hahaha.

Cut me some slack, my new job as a first grade teacher keeps me extremely busy. Check out my new digs:

A little blurry...I thrifted the blue bottles for around  $2 bucks. The bottles hail  from World Market

I at my goal weight!
My birthday bulletin board...I used denim fabric for the background. 

How bout some chair flair?
I decided to drape my desk with this cheap ultra suede fabric from Garden Ridge.
My desk chotskies...
How cute is that lamp? 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby!
More desk chotskies... for my sweater. You can freeze meat in my's so cold.
Ordered form VistaPrint! VistaPrint ROCKS!

The word ranch...
My teacher bulletin board...I added some cowboy lights which are not pictured.
Vista Print
Made these number "posters" with my Cricut. I have nothing; so, with limited funds I make most of my materials. 

My mom made the pillows. 
My file cabinets with a little extra pizazz! 
So, I intended for this post to start my first installment of " Serving up some leftovers," BUT I ended up writing a WHOLE new Okay, next weekend then. I just wanted to show you why  I spent much time away from blogging and your blogs these past few months. SO CUT ME SOME SLACK :-)  On a good note, my classroom projects kept my mind and hands distracted from mindless eating snacking. 

What do you do to keep from mindlessly grazing?

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Join the "CUTE as a BUNNY Weight Loss Challenge"
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