Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today I ate a bunch of crap! My shoulders sag with the weight of the world on them! That is all. {{{Shake it off!}}} Eye of the Tiger...Eye of the Tiger!
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  1. I feel ya, Trina! I was covered in Cheetos dust the other day. Orange is NOT my color :(

    Let go of the guilt! Get back in it! You can do it and so can I!

  2. I'm right there with ya. Tomorrow is a new day & I'm determined to unburden some of the weight... even if I have to throw it off a cliff. lol

  3. awww, whelp, tomorrow is another day!

  4. its a NEW DAY, Woman!!

    drink lottsa water, haul yourself back on that path of healthy living and forget about yesterday.

    you can do this!


  5. I just did this last night! And the entire time I was thinking "You know this is just anxiety eating". But I kept at it anyway.

    Today, back to what I truly want for myself! To treat my body right! We can do this!

  6. Days like this can be frustating but I know you will bounce back tomorrow! :)

  7. Tomorrow will be a better day!! ((hugs))

  8. Yep, on days like this you just gotta shake it off. Stop. Start again! (Oh, and see what you can learn.) Also, sometimes doing exercise seems pointless after eating a lot of junk - what dent is a 200 cal walk going to make in a 2000 calorie blowout - but it definitely can lift your mood.


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