Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NSV...In YO Face Scale!

Blogging frustrates the crap out of me! Make no mistake, I adore blogging, BUT I feel pressured to write a certain number of posts weekly, and even more pressured to keep up with y'alls entertaining, informative blogs. But after much contemplation, I realized that I blog for  ME & for FREE; sooooo, that translates to...I am my own BOSS. And I guess that  means I blog when I get GOOD and READY...lol! 

In honor of Spring Break last week, I kinda sorta took a BREAK...from EVERYTHING: tracking my food intake, physical activity, blogging, you name it. Last Saturday's weigh in results further demonstrated my lackadaisical Spring Break attitude, more specifically my departure form making sound food choices.

The scale revealed a gain of .8...no cause for alarm. And yes, that makes two gains in a row. But rather than let the scale dictate my SUCCESS, I choose to ignore my last weigh-in results. The scale only tells part of my weight loss story.  Other than the scale, I utilize other factors to judge my progress: trying on my old BIG GIRL clothes (that now hang from my new silhouette), compliments from friends & family, comparing before & after pictures, my new wardrobe, etc.

So getting to the nitty gritty, my newest measure of success entails assessing my body's measurements. I took my first set of measurements in January and my comparison measurements were taken in mid-March:

  • Left Gun: 14"
  • Right Gun:13"
  • The Warlocks:40"
  • Badunkadunk: 47 1/2"
  • Waist:37"
  • L Ham Hock:26"
  • R Ham Hock:27" 
  • Left Gun: 12"       
  • Right Gun: 12"     
  • The Warlocks:41" 
  • Badunkadunk: 46 1/2
  • Waist:35"           
  • L Ham Hock:24"    
  • R Ham Hock:25"    
  • Left Gun:        -2"
  • Right Gun:      -1"
  • The Warlocks: +1?
  • Badunkadunk:  -1"
  • Waist:            -2"
  • L Ham Hock:    -2"
  • R Ham Hock:    -2"
Warlocks: Plump breasts, which are typically quite large, and are usually reminisced upon while at a social function such as a hang out or backyard chit-chat.

Badunkadunk:A female booty/hips which is extremely large in comparison to her body, yet, observed by males as round, full, and sexy.

Ham Hocks: A prodigious, gelatinous, or otherwise unnecessarily large portion of meat on one's buttock/upper thigh region.

So, despite the unpleasantness emanating  from the scale for the past two weeks, my body measurement losses justify my hard work and missed happy hour opportunities. 

Besides the scale, how do you measure your weight loss success? 


  1. Glad to see you back after your break! Spring Break here starts Thursday & I can't wait.

    For me, its all about how my clothes fit & my other measurements. The scale only tells a small portion of the story & it seems to go on crack from time to time and give crazy numbers, lol.

  2. Glad to see you! Thats some nice NSV! WTG!!!

  3. I don't even own a scale. I refuse to buy one. I usually can tell by the way my clothes fit.

    By the way, I will have you know that I went to work out on Sunday and Monday! I packed my lunch to work and it is not a game! I even took my multivitamin this morning.

    I did want to know how you incorporate "oil" into your day. ON the WW plan it says you are to consume oil...does that include the oil that I sear my chicken in?

    I should know the answer to this but I don't.

    By the way, you looked hot this weekend! That dress was fab on you! You need to put THAT picture of you posing on the red carpet.

    OH, I feel pressured to post daily too, but I don't because most times I don't have anything to say.

    Do you know what bothers me sometimes? People I know in real life...will tell me to my face..."Oh I didn't like the last post. It was boring. It wasn't funny"


    I always feel weird when I am told somebody doesn't like a post...I'm like okay...who said I was professional writer/blogger/comedian/fashionista!

    It's like somebody reading my diary and saying that I spelled a word incorrectly...wth!?

    Okay...rant over!

    Hey, I want to go hiking somewhere...where can we go hiking? I wanna climb stuff...like a park with trails or something.

    Okay, I should be calling you with this stuff but I'm on your blog spilling my guts!

  4. Congrats on the measurements. That's awesome!! :)

  5. How my clothes are fitting or actually not fitting in a baggy, sexy sort of way. Also when others notice and say something.

  6. I love that you measure all different areas, it helps you find success even in the random-est places which has to help the plight!

    I also often get that blog-stress to maintain or read others' blogs, but I too made the realization last week that I blog for me and that I like writing I just need to be patient with myself and when I get motivated to write more than one blog and save it for a rainy day when I want to post but don't have time:)

  7. I wish I could gain an inch in my Warlocks.

    I like your 'tude

  8. I had a .2 gain. I can live with that. I was a bit careless this past week.

    You are right...you blog when you want.

  9. Great job on those inches lost! I tend to ignore the scale for at least one week a month, and as long as I stick with eating right and working out, it ends up ok! Keep up the great work!

    By the way, I just gave you an award - check it out: http://slowlybutsurely2010.blogspot.com/2010/03/award-for-me.html

  10. I love your blog! Since you asked, I gauge my success by measurements and by my decreasing body fat percentage. My actual weight I could care less about 'cause I got muscles girl! Keep up the excellent work.

  11. Love your blog!!...I had to crack up at the "measurements", esp. the Ham Hocks...thanks for the chucklea!! I'm always fighting my weight, so your blog is awesome! Come visit at my blog...

    Make it a fun day~

  12. I am a lurker who might have an aswer about the "girls". Maybe a TMI question. But if it is near "that time of the month" that could account for the +1. Check it again after.

    Good job, BTW.

  13. The warlocks! Yeah, I know all about that! I gained 3# two weeks ago, and have lost 5.5 this week. The scale is crazy. Inches are the true "measure" of progress, if you will. Keep up the good work.


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