Friday, November 12, 2010


Before you read this a sista out and furniture for the staff lounge WHEN we WIN! 

Listen up Houston blogger peeps...THIS FRIDAY MARKS THE 1st ANNUAL HIP HOP SHOWCASE FOR FLY WELLNESS & MOVEMENT ARTS STUDIO! Support the ARTS and attend...

Witness energy and enthusiasm on stage as some of Houston's best hip-hop dancers represent! 

Watch some of the fabulousness for yourself; CHECK OUT my oldest performing with the core crew!

Here's my boys attending a choreo class:

Watching these kids makes me want to get up and shake what my momma gave me! O, you best believe I get on the action too! Check me out in Mommy and Me Class (In my case, Mommy and Me's, since I made both of my kids participate AGAINST THEIR WILL!)! The girls at the studio asked me to attend, so I obliged them!
Even though they thought they were to cool for school both of my boys enjoyed the class, AND I enjoyed spending quality time together. Extra added benefit, I burned some calories and had a BLAST! Exercise rocks when you find  something you love. And as we all KNOW I LOVE TO DANCE!   


  1. I really wish I lived closer!!! I would love to see those boys dance in person! Luv it! Ok, so I'd probably also wanna hang out with their Mama! :)

  2. So much fun! I don't think that you had to twist their arms to hard to come tothat class, it looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. I see your oldest boy but I can't find the little one!


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