Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I rekindled a flame with a long lost love...

Guess where I met up with my old flame?  Of all places, the $.99 Cents Only Store!

How about a brief history of US. I fell in love and we stayed together for YEARS. And like ALL relationships we experienced ups and downs. After a while, I became comfortable and started taking the relationship for granted. Pretty soon things started to slide downhill.

As time progressed the relationship morphed into one of co-dependence.  I looked to my partner to make me feel better about myself. Our one sided bond resulted in me making the relationship more important than me making myself feel important.  

Before our love affair turned into an abusive relationship, I decided we needed a break. I ended things, and we both went our separate ways. From time to time I saw my ex out and about. But I made it a practice to just mind my own business....


Until last Saturday...

I decided to venture to the $.99 Only Store to check out the produce. Lo and behold, I ran into my old Boo(lol) and stopped short in my tracks. THERE...right before my very eyes, my EX! 

Without keeping you in further suspense, ladies and gentlemen, meet my EX...

Me and PB go waaaaaaaaaay back. We go back like Adidas with no laces. Remember that?
Well folks for the longest time I shunned PB, my kryptonite. I tried buying PB and exercising self-control, but to no avail I always found myself crouched down in a corner somewhere face down in peanut butter. 
I looked a little something like that.
Before denouncing PB I tried other healthier options like PB2, but I discovered nothing compares to the real thing. I can live without a many foods, but I refuse to give up the taste of real PB. 

Well, last Saturday...I came to the conclusion that NOW, I AM in a "good place" to rekindle my relationship with PB. I aim take our relationship one day at a time and see what unfolds. If things take a turn for the worst, then I intend to once again bid PB a tearful farewell...
This is how much I love peanut butter. I love it like Jack loves Rose!
Have you ever ended a relationship with a favorite food? 


  1. I had a feeling this was gonna be a food. LOL Good Luck with your "new" relationship! Maybe this time you two can make it work.

  2. OH how I love that place too!!

  3. Girl you had me in suspense like no body's business! LOL!!! Girl, I have a relationship with Soft Batch cookies - we break up to make up all the time. This time we're on a break up period, but I'm sure my co-dependent behind will be back on the bag in a little bit.


  4. Guhhll you are INSANE!!
    This made me lol so hard.
    and yes I have ended it with chips so many times but that heaux keep weaseling his way back into my life.
    I know how you feel.
    Love is hard :-) :-) :-)

  5. Girl you had me in tears. I'm afraid my youngest has this kinda relationship with PB. I have a to buy it as much as I buy milk. LOL

  6. You are too funny and I am proud to say you are my cousin, I mean sister (or are you only sisters with Ray)?

    I too have a love affair like you and PB and it is an abusive relationship. I try, and try to leave but then there's aways.......SOMETHING....and then it has me again. Trina meet milk, milk meet Trina.

  7. LOL!! too funny!! Have you ever tried Almond Butter? If not, you MUST try it. It has a lot of great benefits and might I say once you go Almond Butter you will never go back! (lol) Try it and let me know how you like it. (The brand I use is MaraNatha Almond Butter). :-)

  8. You are so funny! My EX would be fried chicken! Since I joined WW a year ago, the only fried chicken I have had is a fried boneless, skinless chicken breast from KFC. Still not the best choice, but worth all 5pp! I get the same flavor but without all of the fat and calories from the skin. Oh how I miss fried chicken...skin and all...but I just can' do it! I have lost 79 pounds in the past year and have that much more to go...I have come way too far to turn back now!

  9. LOL!!!!! I was all like "NO, Trina is not putting her EX on blast"...as I kept reading.

    I knew it was about food but I still clicked the "read more" tab thinking a dude's face was gonna pop up!

    And I have that relationship with all cookies. I have to break up with them. We can't be friends if we can't be lovers! LOL

  10. Talk about freaking funny.
    I hope you two can work things out this time.

  11. A couple years ago I had to do that. Finally started weight watchers and lost 65 lbs. It really does work. Just don't look at it as a fix it is a journey and you will continue to strive to make healthier choices. Loved the post!


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