Monday, February 16, 2009

The Conception of Ah...Me So Hongry!

Sooooo...Once again I'm mindlessly driving home from work (hongry I might add), and a lil ditty invades my thoughts (Tune: Me So Horny by the Too Live Crew) so so so eat for long time...

I thought to myself...self...that sounds like an apropos title for a blog detailing my weight loss trails and tribulations. Thus, Ah Me So Hongry was conceived. And yes, I know I spelled hungry utlizing the letter o; so, before I proceed any further I should probably provide the definition of hongry.

Hongry (hon.gree): adjective derived from the word hungry. After surpassing feelings of hunger, you become what I refer to as hongy, or sometimes hongry as hell.

Honger often results in a temporary lapse of sound judgement, thus causing one to formulate insanely rash decision or for a lack of better terms, lose yo mine (translation: lose your mind). To illustrate, a local grocery store chain tortures customers around Valentine's Day by creating decadent chocolate covered strawberries drizzled in white chocolate. The sight of the lush, red-ripened strawberries and the smell of the rich, warm melted chocolate bubbling in the crock pots triggered a vision (in my mind) of me jumping on top of the preparation table, and thrusting my head into the crock pot as I bobbed for chocolate covered strawberries in the sea of warm milk chocolate. Had my honger progressed any further, my vision would have become a reality. And that's a scary thought. Picture store security restraining me as they try to forcefully remove my face from the chocolate filled crock pots' "Uh ma''am! We're going to have to ask you to leave the store!'am!"

So...BAM! There you have it, the definition of hongy in a nutshell complete with a vivid example.

On a more serious note, I intend for my blog to assist others struggling with the epidemic of obesity. As I yet again attempt to change my lifestyle in hopes of losing weight, (i.e. eat more healthy, add exercise, take time for myself, etc. ), I plan to share my humorous take on my everyday sometimes zany weight loss exploits. Let me be clear, I'M NOT ON A DIET, this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Many individuals confuse my lifestyle changes with dieting. Unlike dieting, which yields temporary gratification, my lifestyle changes guarantee lifelong success in regards to healthy living. Soooooooo...saying all that to say I'm taking matters into my own hand! I want to be a VICTOR, and not a VICTIM!


  1. Welcome to blogworld! And trust me, you will find time to blog. Enjoy the ride, it's therapy for free!

  2. Welcome to the spot Trina!!! You have started off on the right foot! Fernny stuff SC-Sistah!!!!

  3. I like it Tree-Tree. Keep it coming.

  4. I LOVE this blog!!! I am soooo glad I found it! Come check out my blog!

  5. OMG, I just found your blog and I just had to go back to the beginning! This post had me laughing my a$$ off. I can't wait to see what happens next! I just started bloging recently with a few other girlfriends--we are all trying to get healthy in our own ways. Come on by and visit me at

    - Devi from

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