Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motivation Makeover: Homework

So, did YOU do your homework? Remember...I challenged you to write down two positive statements everyday (until Saturday.).

Take a gander at my two statements:
  1. By the power of Grayskull...I HAVE THE POWER (My bad. I just experienced a He-Man Flashback...lol @ myself). Seriously,  I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE!

  2. I WILL reach my weight loss goals! I WILL!
Please excuse all of the spelling errors in my previous post. I switched to the updated post editor, and I failed to locate the spell checker.   

Anyone game for a challenge? Since most New Year's Eve Resolutioners lose steam around or right after Valentine's Day, I tossed around the idea of a short-term challenge to keep the weight loss momentum going. The Luck-O-The-Irish challenge would begin after Valentine's Day and end around St. Patrick's Day. The goal...lose 1 pound a week. I need to muddle through the details and will get back to those interested. Who's down?

I spoke with God's Favorite Shoes today and we discussed the idea of maybe planning a blogger meet-up. Who's game? Leave a comment.


    1. I would like to join your challenge. I am finding that it is hard this time to lose one pound a week so a challenge may motivate me to exercise which I hope will help me be more consistent with loses.

    2. I'm down for the challenge. Count me in!

    3. I would love to do a blogger meet-up but we live too far away! BOO!!

    4. I like the challenge, I'll be in

    5. I will be there in spirit! ;) As for homework...ummm I think the dog ate it. hehe. Okay I don't have a dog. I forgot about your challenge, and now I want to take it up. I also love the Luck O' The Irish idea. ...then maybe you could do..."An Easy Easter"

    6. Count me in for the challenge!! Great idea!

    7. I would like to join. I'm not doing so well right now and I could really use the motivation and the kick in the pants.

    8. Ok This is GREAT... I need a challenge and I am going to play catch up with the homework!! Count Me in!!

    9. Hum, I think I'm up for the challenge. Looking forward to the deets when you get them ironed out!

    10. ooooh I'm in babe ... but too chicken to blog about it!


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