Thursday, April 15, 2010

From FAT to PHAT!

Hey y'all...I seem to be hosting a lot of w(H)ine and cheese parties lately on this blog. Well...enough. Let me tell you why. Today I received a message in regards to a tagged pic of me on Facebook...uh oh. Ever since old school week on Facebook, I panic when I receive tagged pic messages. During old school week some thoughtful friends posted AND THEN tagged the following pics of me: cheer-leading in Jr. College...thanks for posting this Cookie!

And I thank my girl Kisha for posting this gem...
Okay...who remembers Glamor 1990's...LOL! 

Anywho, back to my story. So, I received a tagged message blah, blah, blah, blah...I log on to Facebook and BAM I see THIS:
Long story short, when I saw these pics (from October 2008) I stopped short and just stared. I thought to myself...I NEED TO BE PROUD OF MY PROGRESS MADE THUS FAR; so, NO MORE w(H)ine and cheese parties. NO MORE WHINING...for real this time.

October 2008/March2010...52 lbs removed!

October 2008/March2010

Make no mistake, I know a long road still looms ahead as I continue my weight loss quest. BUT you gotta admit I went from FAT to PHAT...
Pretty Hot And Tempting!

Toot...toot! Of course you can leave a comment about my new hotness (lol), but I also want you to leave a comment tooting your own horn! Toot...toot!


  1. Trina! have really transformed! I am so proud of you! Toot Toot!

    And as for me...I've lost two pounds and I really have me head wrapped around changing my lifestyle (food and excercise, that is:).

    I think my double chin is getting smaller! Yay me!

  2. Oh WOW! What fabulous transformation! You should be proud of yourself!! You look definitely PHAT!

  3. wow. I am choosing YER HOTNESS.

    **bows in awe**


  4. You were and are hot!
    I love seeing old pics of my little... that just reminds me that my body can do it... my mind just needs to catch up.

  5. Wow!!! You look amazing - great transformation. Who says being PHAT is a bad thing? Not me ma'am. LOL at the Glamor shots, I too went down that road and still have my pictures.
    Congrats Trina, keep up the amazing work!!

  6. Go ahead Diva!! You look great! Love the outfit, espcially the blouse! I would say you are one hot momma!! LOL!!!You should be proud!

  7. You are indeed da bomb girl :) You look wonderful!!

  8. You are definitely the epitome of PHAT!!!! YOU are gorgeous, then and now!!!

    Okay so to toot my own horn now: I don't have as big of a change as you, but I am starting to notice a difference in my pics from when I was my heaviest to now. You should check out my before and after pics on my blog. Let me know your thoughts :)

  9. Acknowledging your hotness!!!!!!

  10. You are so fly. I love your recent pic!

  11. Glamour Totally remember those

    YOU LOOK AWESOME! You should be so proud!

  12. Trina...YOU should be very PROUD of yourself. Like I have said are such an inspiration girl!!!!!!


  13. Wow! You are looking awesome! And what an inspiration you are.

  14. My reaction in order:

    OH EM GEE - the teased and spritz'd bangs...I did it too!

    WOW, the glamour shot and that color lipstick...totally 90s!!!

    Wow...I didn't realize you had ever been that heavy.

    Comparison shot #1 - OH MY GOD! (no I didn't say "gee") that is AMAZINGLY FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME!

    You do look great! And it is so freakin inspiring!

    My horn: um...I'm starting to see changes in my body and feel more confident. I have a lot longer to go than you, though! lol.

  15. wow! congrats!! you look awesome! :)

  16. You should be proud! It's so obvious that what you are doing is working. Congrats!

  17. GREAT progress! I know how hard it is but how proud you are when you see it in the pics. Awesome!!!!


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