Monday, April 26, 2010

Remember ME!?!

Feels exhilarating sitting in front of my laptop blogging. I decided to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw by sitting my busy self down long enough to share my thoughts. Why the Sex and the City (SATC) reference...I recently purchased seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and the other half of season 6 for $49 bucks at a going out of business sale. So, last week I lulled myself to sleep every night while watching season 4. I puffy heart SATC and I am anxiously awaiting the movie this summer!

Okay, so back to blogging...where do I start? How about a recap of the events distracting me from blogging? As usual I spent some time socializing with my crew from work:
Still keeping my healthy lifestyle in mind, I ate one of everything, maybe two and felt satisfied. On my weight loss quest, I learned I can still attend happy hour and lose weight. I keep a few handy pointers in mind:
  1. Watch portion sizes, which is why I only ate one or two of each appetizer purchased.
  2. Avoid sugary alcoholic beverages. Instead choose a lighter version of your favorite happy hour elixir.
  3. For a planned happy hour, I tend to conserve my WW points and eat lighter throughout the day.
Next...let me update you on the status of my C25K training. I am in the process of completing Week 8, and then I move on to Week 9...the final week. What's next after Week 9 you ask? Well, you will need to come back to my blog and find out.

Let me introduce you to my running partner. Behold...the Polar F6 Fitness Monitor. 

My mom purchased the monitor for me as a reward for losing 50 lbs and I LOVE it! While jogging I keep track of calories burned, as well as my heart rate. I try to keep my heart rate in the maximum fat burning zone. I frequently wear the monitor during the day while at work. After a long exhausting day, I sometimes fall asleep on the couch watching TV while wearing the fitness monitor. The next day I wake up to over 2500 calories burned.

Other blogging distractions include my kid's extracurricular activities. One day out of the blue, my youngest decides he wants to run track. So, once a week we attend his track meets which start at 4:30 PM and end around 8:30 PM. The bus usually returns to campus after 9:00 about a long day.

Yes, that's me yelling GO, GO, GO, GO...LOL! I laugh every time I hear it!

Lately it seems as though we also spend most of our time at the dance studio. For the first time in a long time, the boys (whom I refer to as TURBO and OZONE) finally found something they love,  and they BOTH decided to stick with IT. This summer marks their second year with the company. You can find us at the studio 3, sometimes 4 times during the week and on Saturdays.

This past week my oldest performed with the crew on Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. The double booked crew performed twice on Friday and Saturday. Needless to say, I look forward to next weekend when I can  hang up my TAXI driver hat, and actually get some rest.

Here's a video of the kids free-stylin at the studio. BB Dom Bomb is the one in the turquoise tee and black sweats. BB Real Lil is the one in the jeans, FLY tee, and red & black Vans:

Well here's to another busy week which includes a birthday celebration from my oldest...he is 16 going on 17 (remember that song from the Sound of Music).


  1. I have missed reading your antics but I am happy to hear that you are doing well. Love the fitness monitor!

  2. Nice to read your post after a looong time. Glad to know you're having fun and losing weight :D.

    Cool monitor that!

  3. I love your boys! They are characters!

    And I learned the same thing! That I can enjoy a happy hour or two per week and still lose weight! you don't know how good it feels to be able to have a hot wing on a wednesday for 50 cents!!

    I can't tell you how geeked I am about my mere 8lbs loss! It really makes me want to stay on track! There is nothing like the feeling of fitting something in your own closet that you haven't worn in a long time!

    You are my inspiration! I think I want to lose 40lbs...that's it!

    I am so excited!

  4. Go Trina! Glad to see you back! I am still using my RediSetGO! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Man you look kinda

    You are one BUSY MAMA! I am in AWE of all of the couch-runners out there right now- and a LIL jealous that I can't join ya- how about I do it pool style? lol NEMO!

    I love the videos of the kids- they are really talented dancers!! :)

  6. Great update! Your youngest son did well, especially considering how much shorter he is than the other boys! I loved the dance video...they will be ready for ABDC soon! You look HAWT in the pic from happy hour, gone' girl!

  7. Good planning! I need to get the exercise part going. I am still not doing that. Haha.

  8. I love the videos. Your boys are so handsome and mommy is still doing IT on the weight loss tip. Kudos all around!

    Go back and get me a set of those SATC DVDs! That's a great price!

  9. I can totally sympathize with the busy schedule. Karate and tball take up my days and I only have 1 kid into things. :)

    Good job on planning for the night out. You look absolutely fantastic.

    Happy Early Birthday to your son!

  10. I love "stuff" and organization equally so I'm always ready for tips. I had a drawer for baking "stuff" too and found it was always too full and I couldn't find the right measuring spoons, cookie cutters, whatever. I was at Marshalls and they had those over the door clothe shoe hanger thingies. I use one in my craft room for crafting goodies. I hung one on the inside of the door in my pantry. The shoe pockets are clear plastic so everything is easily found. One pocket for measuring spoons, one for thermometer, one for goodie baggies and twist ties, one for muffin papers. It's great. A couple of strategically placed velcro spots and it doesn't go bang either. I just need one more now for the door inside my laundry room!

  11. Looks like you are doing amazing! Happy SITS SAturday Sharefest :)
    Luv Simone from New Zealand (who really should be exercising portion control!)

  12. You are one busy lady. Happy to see that you found a way to work happy hour in with ur lifestyle change. I bet it was hard at first, especially with the drinks.

    The video was great with the kids, I want to spin on my head like that lol


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