Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*COUGH...COUGH* Pardon the dust!

The beginning of the school year looms right around the corner and next week I return to work.  For the past few weeks  I  spent a majority of my time preparing my classroom. For the first time EVER, yours truly will be teaching first grade; so, I basically started from scratch in regards to preparing for the school year. I put a lot of thought into my classroom and plan to share some photos of my work in progress. 

As well, my kids return to school soon too, so until things settle down around this camp, I suspended all blog publishing. This summer provided an abundance of blog material, so rest assured I plan to post SOON! 

THANKS to those of you who missed me and gave me a shout out on Twitter!

In the mean time, if anyone wants to guest post, leave me a comment. Thanks for your patience. 


  1. Good luck with the 1st graders. My nephew was one last year so I can only imagine.
    I'll be waiting on the presure :-)

  2. First Graders - fun but I can imagine very challenging too.

    Good luck this year.

  3. Should I wait here? When will you be back? Maybe I will go get a snack..... lol :) Good luck with school! :)

  4. Good luck !! It takes a lot of physical work to handle these kids! :)

  5. Congratulations!! Teaching first graders, wow! I know you will do great! Glad to hear from you!Good luck with everything!

  6. I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to hear things are busy for you (good busy). Good luck with those little minds and sticky hands!

    Can't wait for updates as they happen but like Ro said - no pressure!

  7. Oh wow! Good luck to you. I know a gal who is a first grade teacher and she loves it.


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