Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD Omelet

Get it? PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD...Bella & Edward. My omelet serves as a homage to Eclipse. I kinda think my omelet's name happens to be quite humorous.  I crack myself up...LOL. Get it...crack...egg...never mind.

C'mon, did you honestly think the release of Eclipse would escape a mention on this blog

PortaBELLA & Egg-WARD Omelet

Veggies of your choice:
bell pepper
Baby Bellas
1 egg & 2 egg whites
Tony Chachere Chicken Sausage

Break It Down:
1. Chop your veggies & chicken sausage.
2. Add veggies to eggs and whisk.
Check out my farm fresh eggs...yes, from a true live farm. I got the hook up on eggs y'all!
3. Pour mixture into the Redi Set Go. You know, the Redi Set Go powers that be need to start paying me.

4. Cook 8 to 10 minutes and then pop those bad boys out...voila.
5. Add your favorite garnishes. Salsa for me!
6. Eat!

With the left over veggie ingredients I plan make & store a few more omelets to serve as a grab-n-go breakfast.


  1. Those look really good, but your hilarious name is the best part. :)

  2. The name is so funny and the omlette looks great!

  3. The omelets look so yummy! I will definately be trying them sometime.

    P.S. Love the name!

  4. *Groan* at the Eclipse joke. Haha just kidding, I love cheesy jokes like that. As for Degrassi, that is my stuff. I go WAY back to the origials with Joey Jeremiah and Snake (who is not the computer teacher on these ones). Have you ever seen the origial episodes? They wereWAY before their time covereing topics such as abortion and AIDS back in the 90's. I even heardthat Aaron Spelling based 90210 on Degrassi.

    I always say that it I could only watch 2 shows for the rest of my life they would be Degrassi (old and new) and Fresh Prince of Bel Air (I LOVE that show!)

    Have a great day!

  5. They do look yummylicious!! And the name 'cracked' me up too! ;-)

  6. LOL you are so silly! But so creative with the good eats! Yum yum!

  7. Very creative! Sounds delish!

  8. I really enjoy your Blog and if you stop by my blog, you can pick up a Versatile Blogger Award I want to pass on to you!


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