Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Weight Loss Tool for My Toolbox...

Before I share my new toy, I wanted to thank everyone for the glowing compliments and comments from my GOT MILF? post. I forgot to share the most integral part of my ensemble...DUH, my shoes! 
 I love these shoes, but every time I wear them I commit SHOEicide. By the end of the night my swollen right ankle throbbed in pain. Any who, moving on.

So several weeks ago, during my blog hiatus my mom and I ordered THIS from Crate & Barrel:

A food scale plays an important role in my efforts to exercise portion control. I previously owned a Weight Watchers food scale, but one unfortunate evening my scale took a tumble to the floor and the glass platform shattered. Weighing my food helps me alleviate my portion distortion. With certain foods (e.g. meat), I can eyeball the appropriate portion size. While other trigger foods (i.e. chips, crackers. cereal, cheese, etc) must be measured to prevent me from losing control and eating more than the recommended portion size.

With my new digital scale and measuring cup combination,  I love the ability to weigh both liquids and/or dry food. For those of you without a scale, I am by no means a weight loss expert, but using a weight loss scale can serve as an important tool to help you stay on track within your Weight Watchers points budget. 

Here's one last look at my new toy:

What weight loss tool(s) do you use to stay on track?


  1. Hi, I think the digital measuring jug is a brilliant idea I'll look out for one of those.

  2. I've never heard of a measuring cup/scale! I am on a search!

  3. The measuring cup is great but those shoes - we're in love.

    Best Wishes,


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