Friday, June 10, 2011

I Got What I Deserved!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! It took many tries, but I finally remembered my Blogger password and user name. I bet, if I blogged more than once a month I would remember. Anywho....

So folks, I got what I deserved! Plain and simple, I tried to buy some donuts in a vending machine...
 and....well the donuts refused to budge from their home. 
I placed my dollar in the mouth of the vending machine, my money disappeared and in return I received nada, zilch, zero, nunca! BUT I GOT WHAT I DESERVED! I HAD NO BUSINESS BUYING DONUTS IN THE FIRST PLACE! Lesson learned? 



  1. Ain't that some.... Stuff! I guess it was all for the best! LOL!!
    Take care!

  2. Things work out sometime. I hope to read more of your escapades soon.


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