Sunday, June 19, 2011

I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH...The Truth About Tracking!

NO...I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH...the truth about the foods I eat, well the truth about the bad food choices I make. When I choose poorly, I conveniently forget to TRACK. Why do I conveniently forget to TRACK? I don't want to face the truth.

 Last week's WW meeting on TRACKING, arrived just in the nick of time! I missed the previous meeting due to my son's high school graduation. Which I might add took place OUTSIDE!  "It was HOTTER than a whore in church with no panties on!"  WHO plans a graduation, OUTSIDE, in JUNE, in TEXAS!?!? WHO DOES THAT?!?

Okay I digressed a bit, so back to the meeting. The WW program advocates weighing, measuring, and tracking all foods and beverages consumed. And as a WW member, I struggle with tracking. THE TRUTH....lately, I rarely track! And the consequences of not tracking, no weight loss or unwanted weight GAIN! I just need to be honest with myself and track EVERYTHING!

When it comes to tracking, I lack consistency. I usually start off strong, tracking like a champ. And at some point during the week, I slowly but surely STOP.  Instead of tracking and looking up accurate points plus totals on e-tools, I guesstimate and track points in my head. From experience, I learned guesstimating equals underestimating!

To help with my tracking struggles, I decided to try a few new strategies:

Last month, I finally purchased an iPhone. One of he first apps I downloaded, Weight Watchers Mobile! When time allows, I use the WW app to track food and beverages consumed, physical activity, and the WW healthy guidelines.

Two things I discovered last week, while using the app:
  1. You can set tracking reminders. Three times a day I receive a message telling me to track.
  2. You can designate foods as favorites. The designated favorites will be listed together. When I track I can find the foods that I eat often (e.g. eggs, oatmeal, fruit, etc.) conveniently in one place.
I recently read an article about keeping a visual food journal. Well...I skimmed the article and found out what I needed to know. Basically, people that maintain a visual food journal tend to make better food choices. I guess the pictures keep you honest. After reading the article I perused the iTunes app store and found the dietSNAPS app for $1.99. Sometimes I don't have time to track using the WW app; so, I use dietSNAPS to take a picture. When time allows, I track using the picture to help me remember exactly what I ate.

Other Strategies I decided to try include:
  • Plan ahead...easier said than done. When I plan ahead, I track ahead. Every now and then I sit down  and plan a weekly menu. When I know what's on the menu, I can track before I eat. Tracking ahead gives me the flexibility to make changes as needed
  • Start small...set small tracking goals. Next week my goal is to at least track breakfast and lunch. I can always go back and track using my pics from dietSNAPS.
Tracking works. At my last weigh in, tracking helped me remove 2.6 lbs!! You know, this week I came to the conclusion that, I am NOT going to beat myself up about tracking. If I fail to track, then I plan to recommit and track the next morsel of food that enters my mouth. If I want to continue losing weight, I know I need to track.

Plain and simple, I need to be honest with myself and start handleing the TRUTH..the truth about my bad food choices.


  1. my husband and i recently got iphone4s and i got that ap, too! i LOVE it! it is SO much more convenient for me than using the mobile etools. (while it worked just fine, it wasn't THIS easy!)

    keep it up! :)

  2. Grrr! I wish Blackberry had a better app! And I agree about tracking! When I don't Track, I fail that week at my weigh in.

  3. Taking pics do help me with food tracking, and I seem to make better choices. Congrats to you and your son on graduation...I know you were beaming with pride that day.

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  5. AGREED! I snap a pic of mostly everything I eat..unless I inhale it before I get my phone out :-)

    On the weekends when I don’t take a pic of everything I try and make a conscious decision to do better..but that seems to be where shit goes awry! I’m going to start adding Saturday in my tracking from now on

  6. I FAIL big time with tracking on the weekends and it's definitely b/c I have my cheat days but, I am cutting the cheat days out and have a cheat meal! I like the idea of snapit! Oh and might I add, you look Ravishing Darling!

  7. New follower here also a ww member!! Thanks for mentioning this app went and downloaded it after reading!!!

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