Friday, August 26, 2011

back from the dead...


I have not blogged.

I have not tracked.

I have not planned.

I have not exercised.

The old fat me squeals..."Hells to the yeah!"

The new fabulous me screams..."O Hells to the NO!"

This picture inspired my post!


  1. It's hot as HELL outside!!! That's my reason lol!

  2. LOL!!!! This is too funny & cute... I talked about being fabulous on my blog today!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :))

  3. I have been off for a few weeks now too!!! I was doing soooo well and then fell off track! How do you motivate yourself to start back again? I will wake up every morning saying Im gonna do this today!!! and I go to bed every night saying Ok tomorrow I will do this!!!! lol

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog - I thought I'd pop in and see what you've got going on over here - and I must say your blog header CRACKED me up! I love it! I'm now following along and look forward to your posts. And I love that picture... hysterical!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    When I started my journey, I would have laughed in your face if you told me i'd blog about running a 5k. I'm not a great fan of running but i am a sucker for challenges so when i found out about the C25K challenge, I decided to do it. Would I ever run again? Well I ran another 5k today :)

  6. Ummm...yeah...I can totally relate.
    Sometimes a person needs a break from trying to lose weight...
    As long as you get back focused on your goal and get back on track, you'll be all'ight...

  7. Welcome back! I'm so stealing that postcard!!!

  8. OK, just one more...I saved that postcard and now I'm going to print it off and put it in my WW book! I just love this!! It is SO me!


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