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How do I stay motivated to lose weight?

First and foremost I want to thank ya'll for showing me such an abundance of  love on my last post...This is MY blog! I hope my post helped and encouraged you to find your own blogging voice and or blogging persona.
So, now...I want to take the time to address a comment I received on my previous post. JM  writes:
"I have been off for a few weeks now too!! I was doing soooo well and then fell of track! How do you motivate yourself to start back again? I will wake up every morning saying I'm gonna do this today!!! And I go to bed every night saying OK tomorrow I will do this!!!!"
Well....let me start by saying this:

JM, I can totally relate! Like you, I wake up EVERY morning and I begin my day with some positive weight loss affirmations:

I tell I WILL make healthy food choices.
I tell myself...I WILL work-out.
I tell myself...I WILL drink at least 64oz. of water.
I tell myself...I WILL follow the WW healthy guideline.
I tell myself...I WILL track my food intake.
I tell myself...I WILL stay away from the snacks.
I tell myself...I WILL only eat when hungry.

Yes, I tell myself the same thing(s) everyday.  But sometimes, my day fails to go as planned. And those positive weight loss affirmations fly out of the window. When that happens, I learn from my mistake(s), and keep it moving.

Along with learning from my mistakes, one of the most important things I do to stay motivated...

I FORGIVE my weight loss indiscretions, rather than stew in my own failure and misery! I must forgive myself and move on. In the past I mulled over bad choices, which always resulted in wallowing in guilt...which in turn resulted in me eating my feelings.   

Another important aspect of staying motivated:
When you fall... YOU GET THE HELL BACK UP! 



NOW!  If you falter at breakfast and eat a doughnut, rebound with a lighter lunch and healthier snacks. Never scrap the whole day and say...TOMORROW! GET UP NOW!! Easier said than done.

And when all of this positivity crap I just ranted about fails, I just look at old pictures of myself...

Do you think I want to go back to looking like that? I think NOT!

And my final method of motivation I want to share...
Keep an old piece of clothing at your highest weight. When you feel like a failure try on the old piece of clothing and see YOUR PROGRESS!

I kept these slacks from Layne Bryant. 

So, how do you stay motivated?

JM, I hope this post answers your question and motivates you!


  1. Thanks for being U! Sometimes many try to Impress others to be a part of the clan, clique or crew. However MANY of us like yourself keep IT moving!
    Thx again.
    I stay motivated by remembering I want to be healthier and that I do not want to have health issues. My life is busy and sometimes I treat myself to the WRONG treats! When a see someone that is wayyyyy bigger than I, I always say. Oh you MUST stop unless you want to look like that! (not nice BUT)

    Wow....You can fit in one pant leg! AWESOME

  2. I tell myself those things on a daily basis as well but have found myself lately forgetting I told myself. HAHA. I have struggled with wanting to just quit, but I am going to go back and look at old pictures and get out my old pants again to get re-motivated. Thanks for this!

  3. Yeah! I've been vacation eating since last week myself.
    I find I will eat well and not exercise or exercise and not eat well.
    It has been a process combining the two and I think becuase I do such high impact aerobics (Turbo Fire), I get hungrier more often. I've thought of some tricks of the trade to help me, like eating more protien but making sure it is a low point value protien. And going back to school is messing me up...I keep low fat snacks readily avalible to graze on at home, but at school...I don't have access to my personal fridge...
    Didn't mean to write another Blog, you are just so inspiring...
    BTW, I WOULD keep old clothes, but my pants legs in my size 18s still! The waist is way too big though...I wanna be like you and be able to fit two legs in one of my size 18s...It'll work if you wotk it though...Ok...I'm gone.

  4. It's so hard to get back into the groove! I have been eating way too much for the last 3 weeks and it definitely shows at the scale. I am up about 6 pounds! Yikes! But this morning I had a decent breakfast, counted the points and am back on track.

    Thanks for sharing your story with all of us! You look awesome!

  5. My before pictures are a big thing that helps keep me motivated, I don't want to end up back there ever again, so if I feel down or discouraged I just have to look at those and it's a swift kick in my rear to keep going!
    You look amazing by the way.

  6. yes
    yes it IS.
    Good gosh I love your honesty.

  7. Yes that is motivation...I'm craving something sweet and wanted to hit he vending machine but after reading this...I might just make a cup of hot chocolate...after 3 sips it's always cold and I'm done with it! LOL

  8. That's some really good advice you gave on trying to keep motivated. Staying positive and always moving forward without dwelling on past mistakes is really important - and it's important to learn from those 'mistakes' or whatever it was that made you feel hesitant/unsure in the first place.

    Love the before and after pix - that in itself is totally motivational!! :)

  9. I love you standing inside ONE pant leg. How amazing is that!? I have been creeping back up. And I do not want to go back to fat me. No thank you. So back on the wagon I go! What a truly motivating story you have.

  10. As a Personal Development Coach specializing in weight loss, and who was originally trained as a psychotherapist, it's very easy for me to give them advice.

  11. Pictures always help me stay motivated. The most important thing like you said is a positive attitude about it all. Great pix by the way!!

  12. I love it! I had been doing so well until over the weekend I craved everything under the sun and last night ate a big bag of grippos, after doing tae bo. I jumped rope for 15 mins afterward and planned my morning/lunch meals for today better and made it to the gym. But that is so true, when you fall down, get right back up!! Good luck!

  13. So true! Somehow, I often stop at the middle of a program. That sucks!

  14. Thank you sooo much for posting this!!! First of all you look amazing!!!! I cannot believe your before and afters - you have come soooo far you should be sooo proud of yourself! I cannot wait until I get to where you are - since I am just starting out AGAIN!!! I have to go back and read your old posts from when you started - I just read the Scotchgaurd post from 2010 and it was great!!! I seriously LMAO at this comment because it is soooo me "And pretty soon I find myself face down, a$$ up at the nearest pizza buffet." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Love your personality!!! keep up the awesome work!!!! and THANK YOU!!!!

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