Friday, April 5, 2013

Just waiting...

...waiting to hit rock bottom.

Greetings Me So Hongry blog readers, those still hanging around (all 3 of you), at this time I come to you contrite, ready to confess & acknowledge my sins. I gained 11 lbs (probably more), and many many many many maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany days, weeks, months, etc. have transpired since, my last workout. Sigh.

I  firmly resolve to perform my penance, and amend my wicked unhealthy ways...

...starting tomorrow.

I see and feel the weight creeping back on. For the most part my clothes still fit, but some days my clothes feel like this...

Yes, some days, I feel as though I am going to bust out of my clothes like David Banner as he transforms into the Hulk.


Like I said, just waiting to hit rock bottom...

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