Sunday, September 12, 2010

Serving up some leftovers...

For the weekends I decided to serve  up "leftovers" and  recycle my favorite posts. With my new busy, busy job, the weekends serve as a great opportunity to catch up on reading the blogs of others. most of you know, I fell sooooooo behind on reading your blogs.  But then again, some of you may not know since you decided to unfollow me due to a lack of  my visits and comments...hahaha.

Cut me some slack, my new job as a first grade teacher keeps me extremely busy. Check out my new digs:

A little blurry...I thrifted the blue bottles for around  $2 bucks. The bottles hail  from World Market

I at my goal weight!
My birthday bulletin board...I used denim fabric for the background. 

How bout some chair flair?
I decided to drape my desk with this cheap ultra suede fabric from Garden Ridge.
My desk chotskies...
How cute is that lamp? 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby!
More desk chotskies... for my sweater. You can freeze meat in my's so cold.
Ordered form VistaPrint! VistaPrint ROCKS!

The word ranch...
My teacher bulletin board...I added some cowboy lights which are not pictured.
Vista Print
Made these number "posters" with my Cricut. I have nothing; so, with limited funds I make most of my materials. 

My mom made the pillows. 
My file cabinets with a little extra pizazz! 
So, I intended for this post to start my first installment of " Serving up some leftovers," BUT I ended up writing a WHOLE new Okay, next weekend then. I just wanted to show you why  I spent much time away from blogging and your blogs these past few months. SO CUT ME SOME SLACK :-)  On a good note, my classroom projects kept my mind and hands distracted from mindless eating snacking. 

What do you do to keep from mindlessly grazing?


  1. WHAT a great classroom! A very good excuse to not be blogging. =)


  2. you're obviously a fantastic/fun teacher!

  3. This is great! You are so creative

  4. What a fantastic teacher you must be. It actually gave me goosebumps (and I'm not kidding). Love the tattling turtle. Awesome. Congrats on your success so far.

  5. I have a 1st grader, he would love your classroom!

  6. Good lord woman!! That classroom rocks! I teach 8th grade so. . . not so much cuteness! LOL But I'm loving yours :)

  7. OMG!!! Girl you are so talented! My son has never had a classroom like this. That was a great idea, to fix your classroom up like that. It looks great!!Oh and girl, we all are busy and totally understand so please don't beat yourself up over it. We know you have a life. :-)

  8. Well got dern can I be in your classroom?? I'm just sayin...I know your kids love you your class looks like alot of fun! All I can remember from class was the teacher, kids, desks and the board. :/

  9. I love your classroom! Especially the tattling turtle :)

    Sometimes I knit to keep my hands busy or read blogs.

  10. What a great room! It looks like a fun place for learning. It is full of inspiration - I may have to hog tie some of those ideas and bring 'em back to our classroom! (was that a little overboard)? :)

    Do you use your cricut alot? I would love to have one but then wonder how much I would really use it.

    Thank you for sharing!


  11. What a cool classroom. I want to go back to first grade. :o)


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