Monday, September 6, 2010

What's With the Band-aid?

As you can see, I decided to give my blog a slight makeover. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to try out a few new things. I made my blog header with Picasa using a tutorial from Clover Lane.  When my time allows, I plan to create a more jazzier header. Personalizing a blog takes time, so I still plan to contact a blog designer and discuss some makeover options.

But then again, everything I need know about designing a blog can be found on the World Wide Web. EVERYTHING...including how to center my blog header. 

So, on to the band-aid.

About a week ago, I attended a going-away party for a dear friend...KIMMY!
Don't & Kimmy at Ivy's slumber party...FUN!
Kim & Teryka 
Man DOWN! Celebrating Missy's Birthday...yes that's Kim with her head down on the table...GOOD TIMES!
Me, Kim & Shelly...prior to the MAN DOWN incident....

BYE KIMMY...MAY YOU BE BLESSED ON YOUR NEW ENDEAVORS IN THE ATL...If you see T.I. tell him to call me...
Okay, I digressed. So, I attended a going-away party a week ago and a few people asked, "What's with the band-aid?"

THIS resulted from:


A seemingly simple errand to the alteration shop turned into a trip to a local URGENT CARE facility for a tetanus shot. Talk about a total errand FAIL! While gathering my belongings in the dressing room, I bent down to pick up my keys and stabbed myself in the leg with a stick pin.

No big deal I thought...until my leg started stinging. Without looking, I reached down to scratch my leg and my hand encountered a warm liquid substance. At that point I looked down and observed a pool of blood on my shorts. 

Alarmed, I jumped into my vehicle and yanked my shorts up to assess the damage. When I peered at my leg I noticed a large lumpy bruise started to form.


Concerned, I drove down the street to Wal-Mart's clinic, but the Physician's Assistant on staff stated (rather coldly), "The clinic's services do not include emergency care." He did however refer me to an Urgent Care center around the corner. 

Long story short, I arrived at the emergency facility and received a tetanus shot for a grand total of $150. MY INSURANCE SUCKS...YOU'D THINK THEY'D OFFER TEACHERS BETTER INSURANCE...BUT "THEY" DO NOT!

So, the lesson to be learned...
ALWAYS look your best when you leave the house. You never know when you may need emergency care services. And wouldn't you know it, the attending physician turned out to be HOT & CUTE! And wouldn't you know it...your truly looked partially busted wearing a less than stellar tank top and well-worn shorts w/flip flops. 

I thought about returning to Urgent Care for a follow up, but at $150 a pop, Dr. Wally will be the one who got away...thanks in part to me looking a H.A.M. (hot a** mess)!

O yeah, another lesson to be learned...
Be careful in the alteration shop with stick pins.


  1. I love the new look!
    Who knew that a stick pin could cause so much trouble?

  2. Yikes! How scary for it get bad that fast. Good that you went to UC. Sorry it ate up so much money.

    I love the new look!

  3. Trina, you and I are so accident prone! I didn't want to blog that yet again, I fell last week and injured my toe and a week later it's still swolen!

    Love the Kimmie Pics!

  4. Hey hey gurl!!!! I have to say that you are looking beautifully slimmer every time I come in and read one of your awesome post. I hate that you got stuck (with a bad pin and a big bill...OUCH) Now that is one thing that will be stuck in my head momma saying "Don't wear any tattered undies cause ya never know who might see them" LOL


  5. Love the new blog look! That looks so painful, but it sounds like you got everything under control and taken care of. Feel better soon. How is the teaching job going? Good luck with everything, glad your back. :-)

  6. Okay that $150 at the UC must be the norn. I was charged $150 too recently and acted a FOOL about it. Hope your friend likes the ATL. She's coming in while I'm trying to escape.

  7. OUCH! Bummer :(
    I'm a teacher too. Our insurance SUCKS :(
    Hope you're feeling better chica

  8. I'm so glad that I came across your blog. It's good to see another person who finds it important to stay fit and healthy. I have lost over 125 lbs. myself and will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is VERY exciting for me! Anyway, my blog is located at if you'd like to check it out. I added your blog to follow, so feel free to follow mine as well. I look forward to reading more of your journey. Take care! <3 Laura


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