Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! WAAAAZZZZUUUUUUUP!?!? Once again, I fell of the proverbial weight loss wagon and hid from the scale for about 3 weeks (maybe more). Last Saturday I finally decided to MAN UP and weigh in! GUESS WHAT...I ONLY gained .8 lbs., not even a whole lb. That minuscule gain tells me...even though I get off track (more often than I'd like) my healthy lifestyle changes help me keep my bad habits and weight in check.  Just think what would happen if I consistently applied myself!  

Every now and then I experience weight loss setbacks and lose sight of my goals and objectives.  SO...what's the best thing to do when setbacks occur? For me, I like to reflect on my accomplishments, and focus on all the things I CAN DO NOW! In other words..CHEER MYSELF ON! GOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEE!

As I reflect on my accomplishments...

...the one that come to mind first, LOSING 50+ LBS!

The above picture shows me holding 50lbs of sugar.  When I start to slip back into old habits (i.e. frequenting drive-thru, slacking on workouts, making bad food choices, etc.), I look at this picture and remind myself that I used to carry 50 lbs of excess weight on my pocket-sized 5'2 frame.  LOOK HOW FAR I'VE COME! 
I went from FAT to...
PHAT...Pretty Hot And Tempting! 

As I reflect on my accomplishments... 
...the one I'm most proud of, CROSSING THE FINISH LINE OF MY FIRST 5 (AND LAST) 5K!
I used to spend most of my free time putting a dent in the couch watching television. With the assistance of the Couch to 5K app, I went from a couch jockey to a slogger (slow jogger). In May of 2010 I ran my first 5K, and from my 5K experience, I realized I am capable of pushing myself to do things I considered impossible! 


What accomplishments are you most proud of?


    You look amazing :-) and Im glad your back.
    The .8 is a true testament that you are in this for life ....*yay*

    Im proud of getting my wieght under control before shit got outta hand and openeing up my mind to the change. yeah Im pretty damn proud of me :-)

    Now POST MORE ok...ok

  2. It's about damn time you posted! I haven't seen you in forever in real life!

  3. girl you go. you just gave the motivation to get back on my walking regimen. i say this while eating a chocolate chip cookie....smh....darn shame!

  4. NICE!!! I so love when that happens. Expecting the worse and then hey, not so bad! Nice to see you again!!

  5. Glad to see you back and on track! Falling off happens to the best of us, even with the best of intentions--I am gearing up to re-commit. I havent been OFF the wagon per-say but too much nonsense is going on LOL. I like the cheering yourself on idea too. Go you! Go us! We can do it :-)

  6. GO YOU!!

    I'm proud to say that I've lost 110 pounds and I've kept it off since I reached my goal in January. I'm proud to say that my health is my top priority and I'm working towards losing another 15 pounds! It CAN be done!

  7. good to see you again! and glad to hear that really you actually maintained during your "off the wagon" few weeks. this is definitely something to be proud of. Since I haven't lost any weight in a year and a half I've come to appreciate the fact that AT LEAST I've kept the weight off that I lost and clearly I learned something, you know?

    why is it your LAST 5K? LOL didn't like it?

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