Sunday, August 28, 2011


I joined the Blogger blogging community in February of 2009! After two years of blogging I recently arrived at the following realization...

Friday, August 26, 2011

back from the dead...


I have not blogged.

I have not tracked.

I have not planned.

I have not exercised.

The old fat me squeals..."Hells to the yeah!"

The new fabulous me screams..."O Hells to the NO!"

This picture inspired my post!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I AM F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

Greetings fellow bloggers. Pardon my absence, but my recent 20-YR High School Reunion took precedence over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.! I plan to elaborate on my A-MA-ZING weekend, but for now I want to end the suspense and reveal  "THE DRESS." 

 Without further adieu ...THE DRESS! In the immortal words of MYSELF..."BOOM!"
Despite my many temper-tantrums and excessive whining about my weight loss adventures, ALL of my excruciating, painstaking, hard work paid off! 
 Look at me now...dressed to IMPRESS!! 

Stay tuned for more pics and details of my reunion shenanigans!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You had me at hello...

Greetings y'all! This weekend I attended the wedding of a blogger friend God's Favorite Shoes!
A portrait of the bride and groom...
One of the highlights of the wedding (besides the bride's charming dress and fierce shoes)...

I finally met a fellow weight loss blogger, Robin a.k.a. Ro, from Ro Gets Fit! She had me at hello!
When Ro walked away to congratulate the bride, my friend Teryka (who by the way makes the most fabulous jewelry), asked me about Robin:

Teryka: How do you know Robin?

Me: She blogs about weight loss. Sometime she and Reiko workout together. I just met her today *looks at imaginary watch* about about 30 minutes ago.

Teryka: FOR REAL!?!? Y'all act like you've been friends for years!!

It's true Robin and I carried on like age old friends! Her bubbly infectious personality made her quite personable!

Long story short, Robin and I met in the parking lot of the Mosaic while searching for the complimentary valet parking garage. After our quick dispute with the parking attendant, who insisted that parking cost $3, we drove off bewildered in search of the complimentary valet parking garage. We never found it, so I followed Robin and parked across the street.

The parking dilemma added to one of my many mental breakdowns that occurred that day!

Breakdown #1: My kids asked to attend a close friend's impromptu birthday celebration, which put me behind my dress shopping schedule.

Breakdown #2: DRESS SHOPPING! A little unknown secret about me...I HATE SHOPPING! Ever heard of Murphy's Law...anything that can go wrong...will go wrong. The law applies to shopping. 

For example: decide to go shopping for something as simple as a new bra, but as you walk through the department store you see 432 of the most adorable dresses EVER! As you reach for one of the dresses, you remember that you went to the mall to buy a bra...not a dress. So, you leave the dress(es) at the department store.

Murphy's law kicks in when you actually NEED a dress for an event. So, you return to the department store to purchase one of those 432 adorable dresses you saw previously when shopping for your bra. Unfortunately, you arrive at the store and discover those 432 adorable dresses were replaced by 435 of the most hideous dresses EVER!

Despite Murphy's Law of Shopping, I found the PERFECT, junk loving dress. This dress hugs my junk-in-tha-trunk...tastefully. 
Breakdown #3: I planned to leave on time. Be quiet, YES I wrote on time! (I suffer from CLS, Chronic Lateness Syndrome...This IS real folks. GOOGLE IT!) Like I said, I planned to leave on time, but breakdown #1 threw me behind schedule and thwarted my plans to leave early. AND breakdown #3 intensified when I remembered I agreed to meet Robin in the parking garage by 6:45!!

Breakdown #4: I followed, or so I thought,  those idiotic iPhone map app directions. Well, leave it to me to turn down the wrong street...TWICE. And Breakdown #4 intensified my anxiety about Breakdown #3!

So...I finally made it to the wedding and guess what? I forget my dayum camera battery. So, yes I arrived with a camera, and NO battery...genius!

Despite my many psychotic breaks throughout the day I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the wedding. The thing I loved the most about Reiko's wedding...

NO contrived, pretentious traditional hoopla. WHEN I get married it will be far from traditional (did you hear read that mom?)

Wedding highlights:
The blushing bride & groom! Check out Reiko's and Sean's fierce foot-ware. 
I also had the pleasure of meeting Juanette (the picture crasher) from Fashion-Nette Work! She gave me the best fashion tip ever on how to create the fabulous statement necklace you see pictured above!
 And me....dancing!
Guess where I learned how to WOBBLE? ZUMBA! That's right ZUMBA!! For those of you not familiar with the WOBBLE, or for those of you who want to learn...I present...THE WOBBLE!

I would to see a video of you doing the wobble! 

Before I sign off I want to tell Reiko and Sean CONGRATS and a big THANKS to Robin for the cookbooks she gave me!  

Now get outta here and get yo WOBBLE ON!

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