Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm about to piss some people off...

I am about to piss some people off! Before I start this post, let me reiterate...this is MY damn blog. (Remember that post?) So I reserve the right to voice my opinion in regards to various weight loss matters. DO NOT GET YOUR PANTIES IN A WAD!

With my busy lifestyle, I tend to DVR my favorite shows, one of them being SNL (Saturday Night Live).  Yesterday, I found a few spare minutes to start watching SNL. The host, Charles Barkley delivered the obligatory opening monologue. While watching Mr. Barkley trip over his lines, I noticed that he dropped a few pounds. Well, according to Sir Charles, he joined the growing numbers of celebrities attempting to lose weight via commercial weight loss programs.

Okay, now comes the part where I piss you off!
I AM a member of Weight Watchers  (WW) and you know what? WW let me down:-( They resorted to the cheap tactic of using celebrities to peddle their program. One of the main reasons I joined WW in the first place, the success stories of REAL PEOPLE, not CELEBRITIES. 

For me, a celebrity does nothing in the way of persuading me to try a weight loss program or product! First of all, a celebrity possesses the resource to obtain far more weight loss support than an individual with less disposable funds. Case in point, most celebrities procure a personal trainer, chef, personal grocery store shopper, etc.

Let's be honest, the whole point of celebrity endorsements serves as an effort to encourage average people like you and me to join the program. But, how likely is the average person to join a weight loss program, which is more than likely not affordable? 

Truth be told, in order for me to sustain my WW membership I do without other amenities.  As a single mom, I know the true meaning of the phrase, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." Put simply, difficult situations inspire ingenuous solutions. So instead of paying for a gym membership that I know will go to waste, I use that money to fund my WW membership.

So without a gym membership, how do I exercise? I find ingenious solutions. For instance I plan to strip away the pounds with my 3 pole dancing classes I purchased for $19 from Groupon. For me,  2012 is the year of the GROUPON! I plan to GROUPON my sexy back. 

I digressed. Needless to say, these celebrity endorsements leave much to be desired. I am by no means motivated. The only thing JH motivates me to do...jump up and turn off the TV. If I hear "It's a New Day" one more time, I just may find the nearest cliff and jump. For those of you motivated by JH, more power to you and I applaud you for wanting to make a change.

Do you want to know what motivated me to want to change my lifestyle? It wasn't JH, Charles Barkley, Mariah Carey, Kirstie Alley, Valerie Bertinelli, Sara Rue, Marie Osmand, Janet Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Carnie Wilson... the list goes on...

The following picture motivated me to rejoin WW once again:

*Jumps of soapbox* I spoke my piece. Once again, please refrain from getting your panties in a wad. I truly believe these celebrities look fabulous with their new found weight loss and I am sure some frustrated individual may take solace and relate to the weight loss trials and tribulations of the aforementioned celebs. 

But you know what if the price is right I'd sell my own children to the highest bidder to hawk a weight loss program or product.  ANY TAKERS?!  

Has a celebrity endorsement ever motivated you to buy a product


  1. I loved this post, great point of view and I agree! Thanks for sharing!

    I am so not pissed, but agree!

  2. Well said and honestly the J Hud endorsement is what turned me off WW and Janet Jackson doesn't look like she has ever needed a weight loss product. People like you that struggle and overcome with it with programs like WW are what inspire me.

  3. This post is one of the many reasons I think you ROCK!!

  4. Love this and I have to agree with you on Jennfier's commercial. Each time it comes on, I'm always like, "Why is she yelling????" and I put the TV on mute.

  5. I told someone the exact same thing the other day when asked my opinion about the celeb endorsements. I do me, that's all I really know! Kudos to them for getting that paper but at the end of the day shoving celebs down people's throats to promote your product is WHACK! I'm with you Trina...I tell people to check my stats!

  6. I agree but I tend to be angrier at the nutrisystems and jenny craigs because they really are incredibly difficult for average people. If I could afford to have food delivered to my door or pay for ridiculous bars and supplements I would. Weight Watchers is doable on a real persons budget. You eat real food from a real grocery store and are encouraged to do normal exercise like walking. Now seeing the commercial every 5 seconds bothers me. You can reach a new audience without bombarding me.

  7. Great point!! Love your photo comparison--you are beautiful!


  8. I have never been motivated by a celebrity to do anything. To be quite honest I don't often see their weight loss results as valid because they have this ideal situation where they have cooks, personal trainers etc... all of which the average person cannot afford.

  9. You're awesome, and I've only been reading your blog for a few days now, but already I think you're incredible, because you tell it like it is and you say what you think!

    Yeah, I hate the whole 'celebrity endorsement" thing. I mean, what would they know about Real Life? Gawds, if I had a personal chef/shopper/cook/trainer, I wouldn't have got fat in the first place! Give me real people any day.

    That said, what I *really* want to hear is the people who kept the weight off for five years or more. I'm in this for permanent, and don't want to lose it, only to put it all back on again.

  10. I totally agree with you 100%

    Thank you

  11. I watched that show and it really frustrated me. It seemed to me that he was kind of dissing the program. I'm sure it was all approved, but I didn't like it.

  12. Girl you didn't piss me off, I'm so sick of the J-Hud commercial! They need to do an old J-Hud vs. Nat King Cole (since they stole that concept from Natalie Cole) and see who would win in a cage match! I think that Jennifer is losing her core audience with the overkill of the Weight Watchers commercials and she still needs a stylist....*drops the mic and walks away*

  13. I so want to start a slow clap for this one.

    I don't know why folks get so excited when celebs loose weight. They have MONEY. Tons of it!

    Of course J-Hud can be a size 6 or whatever, because in addition to Jenny, she's got Derrick the Trainer, Lilly, the Nutritionist, Sammy, the Cook, and a list of other people who are going to make sure that as long as Ms. Hudson pays, she will have the body she wants.

    *climbs off the soapbox with you*


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