Monday, January 16, 2012

You wanna talk numbers?

When conversing about CrossFit, the following questions either lead or dominate the conversation:
"How much weight have you lost?" OR "How much weight do you want to lose?" 
Puhleeze stop asking me how much weight I want to lose! If I learned one thing at CrossFit, I learned to look at more than just the numbers on the scale. Instead of focusing on the scale, I tend to focus more on increasing my strength, endurance, agility, speed, etc. 

So, you wanna talk numbers? Instead of asking me how much weight I want to lose or lost, ask me the following:
  • How much can you back squat? Answer: 100# 1oo may not seem like much, but it's 100 more than I thought I could back squat! 
What's a back squat you ask? 

  • Ask me how much can I deadlift. Answer: 160# and probably more. 

What's a deadlift you ask? 

  • Try asking me how many inches I whittled from my hips. The answer to that question my friends: 4!! Yes, 4 inches!!
  • Ask me how many push-ups can I do. And I ain't talking about girl push-ups. Answer: 7 
I must confess, my CrossFit experience, changed the way I look at the scale and sometime in the near future I plan to quit Weight Watchers:-(

 During the CrossFit challenge I killed myself, by going above and beyond.  Each week I weighed in at WW and each week I walked out disappointed. And after one breakdown to many, I decided to part ways with WW. 

So, you wanna talk numbers?  Leave me some of your impressive numbers, but leave the scale out of it. 


    1. Every single time I suggest to someone that they put away the scale when they hit a wall, I'm hit with a resounding NO!! It's like it can't be done! Once the # on the scale stops becoming the main focus, things begin to change for good! I've lived this!

    2. Preach sista!!! That is so the truth. The scale is evil. It keeps us from going where we need to be in our journey. Yes, I still weigh twice a week...but it is no longer controling me. My energy level inspires me...the fit of my clothes excite me...the smoothness of my skin makes me smile. Those are the things that I am taking on this journey.


    4. Whoot!! You ROCK, Trina!!

      I can swing a 24kg(53lb) kettlebell, properly. I can do a Turkish Getup with an 18lb kettlebell. I can squat until bent elbows are below my knee-caps and get up again, without using my arms to push off.

      I can benchpress 65# - about 60# more than I could a year ago.

      I can do 50 pushups without stopping, 100 if I break them into sets of 25 with a 30 second break between sets.

      I can bike 12 miles in 45 minutes...on a trail bike, not a roadie. I can ride up a rock strewn hill without stopping.

      My last jean purchase was a size 8.

      And WW tells me I'm 15 pounds overweight. Don't get me wrong - WW has been good for me. I lost 69 pounds with WW, learned a lot and appreciate the encouragement and support I got there. I just wish they had exceptions for particularly fit, healthy people. Quit telling my I'm overweight when I can run circles around you and then pick you up and toss you across the room! :)

    5. Exactly!! I have lost near 0 pounds since starting CrossFit, but my body is doing all sorts of good changing. :) You reminded me that I need to measure again.

      I deadlifted 205# the other day which was a personal record and I was THRILLED! Today was more of a gymnastics day but I can really feel a difference in my strength. Love it!

    6. My rock star diva chick. I quit crossfit b4 it started and I have some regret... I will readdress in like 25-35 lbs...maybe then hubby won't block me desire for improvement.

    7. WTG on getting away from the "numbers" The ones that matter you know.. ^5 on the 4 inches from your waist!!! Woot!

    8. Inches are the numbers I like to track! (But I am still a bit of a scale junkie for myself, too!) :-) But I want to keep a lifestyle of healthy living as my goal, not a number on the scale. Great post!

    9. I'm a scale junkie and love to track my weight. But I also like to track measurements, the food I eat, and my general fitness.

      Maybe I'm just a "tracking junkie"?

      Hey, if the numbers don't work for you, do what we Antipodeans do, and tell people to "bugger off, mate!" ;-)

      (in a friendly tone, of course)

    10. Awesome! And I agree - you have to just see the scale as part of the bigger picture. I weigh myself about 2 to 4 times a year since my first year of crossfit.

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