Monday, January 9, 2012

PSYCH! You Think It's Pasta, But It's Not!

At the onset of my CrossFit journey, I chose to switch to a Paleo Diet (well a variation of the diet). Click here to be directed to a website containing more information of the Paleo Lifestyle

Without getting into detail, the Paleo Lifestyle restricts grains (bread, pasta, etc.), excess sugar, and vegetable oils. With the absence of bread and pasta (my kryptonite), yours truly had to become pretty creative with my meals. I never realized how much bread and pasta played a role in my diet!

Okay, getting to the crux of the post...

As a single mom balling on a budget, spaghetti pops up into my meal planning rotation quite often. In my opinion, you get the bang for your buck with spaghetti, and you can make it S-T-R-E-T-C-H! So the last time spaghetti night rolled around, I prepared whole wheat pasta for my boys. And for myself, I decided to try my hand at preparing spaghetti squash.

Many times, I read  posts about other bloggers cooking spaghetti squash. And you know what, I turned up my nose in disgust at the thought of replacing pasta with SQUASH! EWW! But with the CrossFit challenge in full swing, I had no choice but to try the squash.

Before preparing the squash I went to YouTube to find a video. You can learn how to do any and everything on YouTube! Here's the video I found.
Without further adieu, my foray into the world of winter squash... 

Have you ever cooked spaghetti squash before?


  1. I am a pretty big fan of squash so I might be a little biased but I've used spaghetti squash in place of pasta before and I really liked it. I was lazy and microwaved it though. I think its delicious, especially with cheese and a good sauce.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh
    I need to make this again.
    I be lazy these days :-)

  3. Yes, I've cooked spaghetti squash before! However, I hate chopping the raw squash open, it almost takes a chainsaw. I just toss the whole squash in the oven, bake until it's tender and let it cool. THEN I cut it open and scoop out the seeds and the veggie goodness. Much easier.

  4. looks pretty simple to make. I have never eaten spaghetti squash, what does it taste like?

  5. I love spaghetti squash - especially with a pesto sauce. YUM! I find that piercing the skin with a fork and cooking it in the microwave for a little while helps the slicing of the squash go a little easier.

  6. Interesting! I have never tried that, but I think I will have to add it to the lists of things to try.

  7. That's looks really good. I do believe that I will give it a try BUT I'm going to make it and not tell my Li'l man what it is and see how he likes it. Ya know...sometimes it's just a mind thing...hehe


  8. I made some for the first time in years about a month ago-thanks for reminding me, I put a little salt and pepper on it one night and marinara sauce and a little parm cheese the next night.

    I'm curious to see how creative you get with it.

  9. Looks delish! How does it taste?

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