Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steppin Up!

BOOM!! Wassup Ya'll?

LOL! So, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassuuuuuuuuuuuup? Long time no blog. Tell me, how's goes it with YOUR on-going weight loss tug-o-war? Me comci, comca. Hitting ya with a lil francais. I took French in high school...not very useful in Texas.

Sooooooooooooo...I half-assed blogged last week...better than nothing. Right?

This summer I decided to take a blog break. Obviously.  I needed a break for two reasons:

Number 1...My weight loss efforts appear to be stalled out. Not sure when my brain, motivation, and stomach plan to come on-line and work in concert together. I get tired of blogging about failing and who enjoys attending WHINE & cheese parties? Not me. So, rather than whine about my struggle or blog about mundane crap  I decided to take a break.

Number 2...I also decided to use all of my extra time this summer to pimp my kids. For you new followers, you may not know this, but...I am the mother of two dance BEASTS! See for yourself.

You can call ME the ORIGINAL DANCE MOM! As their "MOM-ager" I scout for opportunities to encourage them to grow as dancers. Well, my scouting efforts payed off. While stalking people on Facebook I ran across a post from a local Houston dance studio...SoReal Studio.

Long story short, SUMMIT entertainment chose  SoReal Studio to host a flash mob for the movie, STEP UP REVOLUTION! My boy's auditioned and and got the gig! Check out the movie trailer for the latest installments of the STEP UP franchise!

The Flash Mob turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences EVER for my boys, as well as myself. The boys met one of their dance idols, world renowned, So You Think You Can Dance Emmy-nominated choreographer...Travis Wall.

I think meeting Travis Wall excited ME more than the boys. Of course they played it cool. Me, not so cool. I stalked him ALL DAY like a TMZ reporter. I think I embarrassed my kids, but who cares y'all...TRAVIS WALL! 
They also met Misha Gabriel, one the stars from the movie.
And here they are with Channing Cooke from  So You Think You Can Dance.
In a matter of days the boys learned the flash mob choreography and perfected the number under the tutelage of Travis and Channing. Travis flew to Houston the day of the flash mob and cleaned the piece. While Travis worked with the dancers, the local news station stopped by and featured the flash mob story TWICE.
Of course I informed EVERYBODY...friends, family, haters, etc! I sent out a mass text telling everyone to tune in to FOX news. After the story aired my phone BLEW UP with text messages and Facebook comments about the flash mob!
Well without further adieu...the STEP UP REVOLUTION FLASH MOB! The first video features the kiddos at practice and the 2nd video features the dancers performing the flash mob in the 200 degree Houston weather.

For their efforts, SUMMIT Studios rewarded the dancers with a special 3-D advanced screening of the movie:-)



  1. Congratulations!!! Amazing, your sons are so talented. Makes me want to go see the movie even more!

  2. That was AWESOME! I LOVE Dance and it is wonderful that you get to experience this art form with your boys!!! They are talented! I also thought the little girl on the right at the actual flash mob and the little boy at the practice were soooo cute. The choreography was AMAZING!

  3. AWESOME!!!! I've always wanted to be a way cooler dancer than I am. And I'm a sucker for all the dance movies. Dance BEASTS is right!!

  4. That is so cool!!! I love So You Think You Can Dance. The videos of your boys and their groups are amazing!!

  5. That is the coolest thing ever! The dance was awesome!!

  6. WOW! That's so cool!! I'm a huge Dance/Step up fan - what a fab opportunity for your boys! Love it! Congrats to you and them :)

  7. Wow! What a fantastic experience for your kids!!! What a cool mom to find that audition for them.

  8. Melissa aka Get Healthy with MelissaAugust 17, 2012 at 2:14 PM

    I know you are the proudest mother ever!!!! Congrats to you & your boys for making it happen!!! Love the videos!!

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