Friday, August 24, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

Not quite the fittest, but I survived my first week back to work. Next Tuesday the students return and my room still needs some major  tweaking.  Since I invested so much time and moolah in my previous classroom aesthetics, I decided to keep my western theme. YEEHAW Y'ALL! 

Just a little preview...
Soooooo....I think I may start a educational blog spotlighting my adventures in teaching. Maybe...IDK.

I would love to blog more, but I'm tireder than a one-legged man at an a$$ kicking contest...sweet dreams peeps.  


  1. Just found your blog, & I love your energy. Also, jealous you're a teacher because I swear the crafty side of me craves ability to over decorate. I feel this is a skill would be much appreciated in the world of educating them youngins

  2. Love the western theme, I wouldn't mind hearing more about your teaching adventures, as a daughter of a teacher turned principal I've heard my fair share :)

  3. Love the Western theme! I'm trying to think of some sort of discussion for my class this year. I start back next week.

    Hope you have a great semester :)

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