Monday, August 20, 2012

Grabbing the bull by the BALLS...

Since I failed to win the lottery or marry into money, tomorrow I return to work after a much deserved restful summer hiatus! YES, I plan to marry for wealth, not love. is overrated. Been there, done the shirt, the mug, the pen, the book, the hat, the bumper sticker, AND wrote the script for the Lifetime Movie. 

Thanks to my impending 40th birthday next year, I spent the majority of my summer internally wrestling with my demons. At the forefront...weight loss *heavy sigh*. After my MANY MANY episodes of Internal Dialogue Theater I came to a realization.

I am in the midst of a  MIDLIFE CRISIS, aka midlife transition. And I also just realized I do not know how to spell midst...thank you spell check.

I admit I spiraled out of control a few times this summer and engaged in some audacious behaviors like...well never mind that.  Anyway, in an attempt to rein in the madness I decided to turn this so called "crisis" into an opportunity. An opportunity to make some life-changing decisions and grab the bull by the balls. Or is it...grab the bull by the horns. Either way, I'm grabbing something...

So, life changing decision number #1, GET BACK IN THE WEIGHT LOSS GAME before I end up like THAT...AGAIN!

So, now what? 
First and foremost, I must stop succumbing to the F**k IT Fallout Effect! I falter one time, and say to myself, "F**k it! I quit. I'll pick up where I left off...tomorrow." And the fallout, one bad behavior snowballs into an avalanche of F**k its! And the next thing I know, I find myself eating sour gummy worms for dinner...true story.

Instead of falling prey to the F**k It Fallout Effect, I need to WORK ON the following:

  • STOP. STOP and think. STOP criticizing myself.  STOP and realize I made a faux pas. It happens to everyone.
  • ASK. Ask myself, what did I learn from my faux pas and what do I need to do differently to make my healthy lifestyle change WORK?
  • FOCUS. This weight loss undertaking requires dedication and commitment. Consequently, I need to stay focused and not surrender at the first sign of trouble.
  • EXONERATE. The most important aspect of any weight loss plan, forgiveness. I need to remember, in the event of a faux pas, I MUST exonerate myself, not dwell on my mistake(s), and KEEP IT MOVING.
Check it out I created my own acronym...SAFE. 
  • STOP
  • ASK
O_o I just glanced at the clock and it read 1:48 AM. I wholeheartedly appreciate my summers off, but as summer progresses, I fall into a routine of languidness which drastically alters my schedule. As a result, I stay up until the break of dawn and sleep til noon or later. I wonder if any other teacher suffer from Summers-Off-Screwed-Up-Sleeping-Pattern Syndrome.

I digressed. Back to the subject at hand...

Damn grabbing the bull by the horns. BALLS. I choose BALLS...more aggressive. And I need to be MORE aggressive in my ATTACK this time. My 40th birthday approaches and I WILL BE...


  1. 1. I did read your last post...AND it was awesome!!

    2. LOVE your determination.

    3. Stop criticizing ourselves = HUGE!! I must do that!!

    4. Summer F*ucked Up Sleep for Teachers -- I totally suffer from that!!

    5. Enjoy your first day back to school...

  2. This post explains me to a T...well cept I'm not a teacher. I too will be 40 next year and feel like I'm having a mid-life crisis...le sigh, but I'm hanging in there. You can do this MAN!!!

  3. I suffer from the summer teacher sleep disease too! LOL!

    You are one of my motivators for losing weight. (Ive dropped 12 lbs this summer). So let me know when you want to go hiking on that trail! I havent forgotten about it! Let's pick a Saturday or Sunday! I'm serious Trina! Let's get it going!

  4. LOL use one hand for a horn, the other for the balls.. its a better balance I think ;) Good luck with the gameplan though, sounds like your ready to do this once again!!

  5. First -- I did read your last post and I think I commented -- awesome dancing boys right?

    Second -- I am very familiar with F**k It Fallout Effect. Ugh.

    Third -- i am 40 next year too!!!!!

    And finally -- these "prove you're not a robot" words have become too much for my old eyes to decipher within the first three tries.

  6. I don't know about you but I find it a lot easier to stay on plan during the school year. The school routine seems to keep everything else on target too.

  7. I am also better at staying on track during the school year, there is so much more structure.

    Good Luck!


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