Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alas the time has come...

Well folks, as of 12:00 AM my Summer officially ends :-( Tomorrow, the teaching staff must report back to work(Actually, I went to work last Friday to jump start my room preparations.).

This past week I walked around in a funk in anticipation of my return back to work. Don't get me wrong, I am more than grateful to be gainfully employed, but I can't help but feel a tinge of remorse as I enjoy my last few hours of Summer. My back-to-work funk interfered with my weight loss endeavor, and knocked me off the wagon. I only worked out once last week, but i managed to make somewhat sensible food choices. Even though I worked out once, my week kept me super busy and active.

Despite residing in Funkytown last week, I managed to drop 2.4 pounds bringing me to a total of 32.6 (something like that) pounds removed! This week I plan to get back on the wagon and ride it till the wheels fall off. GAME ON!

So tonight, I contemplated writing a post about my weekend OR last weekend's end of STATS class celebration OR my mom's red boots, BUT instead I decided to create a photo montage celebrating my first summer off. I hope you enjoy my montage SUMMA-TIME 2009:


  1. Cute video - so glad you had a wonderful summer. I am sure you will enjoy the new year!

  2. Love your montage. I know how you feel with going back to work. Yuck
    I work 10 months and I hate it when I return to work. I'm waiting on my lotto numbers. Can I honestly saying I'm praying for those numbers to hit.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my art blog and becoming a follower, her to return the favor! Good luck with the back to work blues!

  4. Thanks guys. so far kinda so good. I got of to a rocky start with my food but I'm working it out.

  5. Congrats on the loss! Rocky week or not, you succeeded. :)


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