Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These Boots Are Made For...

THESE boots are made for gardening. Check out my Mom's new boots a.k.a. Predator Protectors. These boots result from a snake sighting that took place a week ago.

According to my Mom, my son spotted a snake in the backyard. Now the specifics of the size of the snake remain a little sketchy. The boys state they saw a small snake:

My mom however claims she spotted a HUGE snake:

Until this day, both parties maintain their story in regards to the size of the snake.

So I hung out with mi madre last Saturday. She made wonderful sandwiches w/homemade pickles on the side.

I even left room for a little dessert...chocolate covered strawberries.

The strawberries were leftover from the cake that my mom made.

After lunch we convened in the garden for the ceremonial cantaloupe picking . The cantaloupe as well as other goodies grew from the compost. Check out the boots.

I also checked on my herb garden during my visit. The cost of herbs at the grocery store inspired this herb garden.

So far one lemon on the lemon tree. Last year the tree was brimming with lemons ripe for the picking.


  1. LOL - love the big snake: little snake pictures!

    And, oh, that food - love your mom (and the boots)!

  2. I love those boots!! And that cake, wow that's one of the best cakes i've seen :)

  3. Adorable boots, adorable mom!

    Those strawberries look DELISH!

  4. That story about the sanke is almost better than the big fish story.

    Your my is too percious. I bet she has a lot of engery to go along with her small size. Lawd how I wish that was me.

  5. @Fat[Free]Me...LOL...I love the boots too. They make me laugh because it reminds me of the snake story.

    @spunkysuzi...I let my mom know you complimented her cake.

    @Jen, a prior fat girl...Thanks. The strawberries WERE delish.

    @T-Rez...She's bounding with energy and always getting into something.She stays busy busy busy.

    @mommie2lea...Thanks. I had many many more, but I had to narrow the photos down.

  6. "why'd it have to be snakes!"
    I'd wear the boots just because they're so cute!
    and don't get me started on the strawberries!
    I like your blog!

  7. That cake looks A-mazing!!!! Your mom is awesome!

    Btw, thank you so much for the blog award! Sorry, I was MIA for a while and didn't see it!

  8. OMGosh! That strawberry cake left me drooling! Id settle for just the strawberries on top! lol. Love the snake pics (sounds like the fishing stories I hear from my hubby and son). Keep kicking weight loss butt, your doing great!

  9. Oh yum! I love chocolate covered strawberries.

    The snake pictures are hilarious! LOL!

  10. What a happy funny pretty post!

    The snake story made me LOL ... for reals. Too funny.
    Love the colour red so the boots hit my heart.
    The garden looks so LUSH. What a bounty!

    Oh please pass a chocolate covered strawberry ... god they look good.

  11. Okay, I do not know how you are losing weight with cakes like that lying around!!!! You've got some WILLPOWER!! And those boots are cute!


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