Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Is that you? Yeah...that me."

Real quick, tell me what movie my post title hails from. Okay, first let me provide a hint:

[Doorbell Rings]


Okay. I'm comin'.

Geez, this place is so confusing.


Go away!

I call F.I.B.!
I call police!
Go away.!

Open the door.
No way, Jose!

Open the door.

You beat up my face!
You grabbed my nuts.

[Gong clangs]

Is that you? Yeah.
That me.

Sixteen Candles is my most favoritest (not a real word) movie in the whole wide world. Along with Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Valley Girl, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Some Kind of Wonderful and Weird Science. Sixteen Candles brings back so MANY wonderfully angst filled memories. RIP John Hughes.
Anyway, to the real point of my post and the reason why I started the post with a quote from Sixteen Candles...
As I sat and still sit here stewing in my own swirling pool of negativity, procrastination, defeat, yadda yadda, I failed to mention a major back to work NSV.

So last week while at work one day, I started walking down the hallway to my room and I heard a familiar voice call me name, "Trina?" The voice sounded unsure and then I heard my name again, "Trina???? Is that you?" I thought about answering, "Yeah, that me." Hence the Sixteen Candles quote.

As I turned around to answer the question I recognized a familiar co-worker who shares my obsessive passion for the Twilight series (84 days, 4 hours, 46 minutes, and 28, 27, 26, no 25 seconds until New Moon!). Okay, so I greeted my co-worker and the following exchange occurred:

Twilight Lovin' Co-worker: "OMG girl look at you! Did you lose weight?"

: * Twirl* " Lil bit!"

Twilight Lovin' Co-worker: You looking good girl!

Me: Thanks. *Threw in an extra twirl*

You know what? After writing about my NSV, I resign to stop th
e stewing and start doing (I just decided that at this very moment...right now)! Like I tell my kids suck it up! Man up! And to quote my self in my post Special Ops Mission #1: What's Standing in My Way?
  1. I can sit here and whine like a little biyotch about being fat and do nothing (I know that sounds harsh)!
  2. OR I can CHANGE and do something about it.
Once again, I choose #2. I don't want to be "THAT BLOGGER." You know, the blogger that cries EVERYDAY like a lil girl about being fat, and then you have to bust out your tiny violin so you can play as you read their "woe is me pity party posts."
Don't get me wrong, stewing and venting is okay from time to time.
But everyday...Ay dios mio!!??

Ay dios mio: Oh my god (in Spanish) mostly said when someone is getting on your nerves or when something bad just happened. over, clean slate, back to square one, new beginning...or as Hollie put it, "Day 1, Again!"

How bought some back to school highlights?

My bulletin board used to display my student's work:

I just love the newness of school supplies!!

Well that concludes the back-to-school highlights, just one of the many events keeping me busy. I hope things fall into place soon, so that I begin posting consistently... at least 3 or 4 times weekly. Also keeping me busy, my Mom's gardening blog Bountiful Harvest. I encouraged my Mom to start a blog about her fabulous gardening adventures, and yours truly provided blogging tutorials to get Bountiful Harvest off the ground. Check it out (shameless plug).


  1. I love 16 Candles! I was just thinking about the fact that i only have a bunch of my faves on VHS! lol Ive never been a movie buyer-but some you HAVE to have! :)

    Love the NSV- always great when other people notice your weight loss! :) YIPEEEE

    Im headed to your Mom's blog.... :)

  2. Your mom’s garden makes me SMILE. I have a super small patio but I want to do something...anything and I am going to use her as inspiration. Thanks for sharing her with us :-)
    Hope the week back as school was a good one!

  3. @TJ and Ro...Thanks for checking out my moms blog.

  4. I absolutely love all the movies you've mentioned. Yes,we will have some not so good moments on our journey, but when a person notices your weight loss that's a good moment. That's right Trina take a twirl and I'll twirl for ya too!
    Jump on it chick.

  5. Hi dear, I just gave you the One Lovely Blog Award! Come check it out xoxoxo

  6. Good for you! Yeah, I hate reading blogs that are either super depressing or super (Mary Poppins style) cheerful. My life isn't like that. I have my ups and downs!

    Love your bulletin board! Too cute!


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