Thursday, August 13, 2009

There's a Fungus Amungus (Among Us)!

Please enjoy the photo journal of my exotic trip to Hong Kong Food Market:

Black Fungus anyone?

Back in the day I ventured to Honk Kong Food Mart (HKFM) a couple times just for these babies right here: Japanese Gummy Candy...Jummy!!

I purchased a bag of these. I like to throw these little crunchy thingys on my salad for texture.

The reason why I went to HKFM in the first place: rice paper wrappers. I plan to make spring rolls from the Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook.

HKFM even sold the cute little dishes like in the Chinese and Japanese take-out restaurants.

I started to buy these cute bowls, in order to create an authentic Chinese take-out experience at home.


Have you ever heard of jackfruit or seen one?

Jars of stuff...

Sad...sad crabs... sad.

Bags of anchovies...

I had a r-EEL good time. Yes you guessed it, frozen eel. favorite, seaweed chips. Yummm...not really.

I foresee some future trips to Hong Kong Food Market. I saw LOTS of exotic treats I want to experience... LOTS! The LOTS does not include the seaweed chips or the eel!


  1. It is just like our Chinese supermarket - totally full of wonders!

    Love the idea of the crunchy thingies (LOL) and the bowls.

    Poor crabs!

  2. Oh my word...weird foods there!!!

  3. You are ON FIRE with that CYT cookbook! I have yet to make anything from it.

    The trip looks fun, I'll have to venture out to an asian market soon!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh...MochaTrina your market sorta looks like ours. I really enjoy hanging out at the HKFM and my son gets a kick out of looking at the exotic things. What do u think about that JACKFRUIT? I saw on cut up and looks really pretty, but the smell of it made me want to gag.
    Its so funny that you mentioned Spring Rolls. I love Vietnamese spring rolls with the shrimp on top but under the rice paper. Lawd Lawd Lawd those things are good. I went to the World Market and made an attempt to buy them but I just think that's way too much work. Let me know how they come out I may try it. I said may so don't hol me to it.

  5. are getting too fly for a mere blog! you need your own traveling/cooking/healthy eats show! Pitch it to the Food Network and I will be a Script Writer/wardrobe consultant for the show!

  6. @Fat[Free]Me...the crabs were a pitiful sight. Sad.

    @Marcelle... lol. I did see a lot I wanted to try and a lot I didn't.

    @Betsy...girl you better get on it. There are some great recipes in the book.

    @T-Rez...I don't know about the jackfruit. They were really huge, but since you said they almost made you gag...I think I'm going to take your word for it. I'll pass on the jackfruit. I will let you know how the spring rolls work out. Of course I'll post the pics on my other blog.

    @God's Favorite Shoes...RIGHT! You may be on to something. And with you styling me, I'LL BE FLY ON EVERY SHOW! FLY I tell ya!

  7. I love HKSM. I made many great dinners after shopping there. Alas since moving out of a certain area i'm no longer close to one. I enjoyed the photo :)

  8. I cannot stand the Asian store near us because the fish smell in the seafood section is so overpowering that I have to run through it with my nose and mouth covered as I gag! I hope yours allows you to breathe freer. :)


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