Sunday, July 4, 2010

Everything that could go wrong...DID!

The movers bailed.

No AT&T until next Saturday.

Carpet cleaning scheduled for yesterday happened today.

Torrential rain pour.

These mishaps stressed me to no end and I basically self medicated my self with food...and bad food at that. Not really in the blogging mood. 


  1. You have been self medicating and I have been overdosing!
    Its so bad that I really will have to start all over w ww!!

  2. Hopefully everything will be back to normal for you soon! "hugs"

  3. Hopefully it all comes together... moving is so stressful.

  4. So sorry! I hate moving when things go smoothly! Keep your head up girl and remember that tomorrow is a new day.

  5. Awww girl. Sorry to hear that your move isn't going too well. It will get better. :)


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