Monday, July 19, 2010

7 Links Challenge. . . The Me So Hongry Edition

As usual, my ADD led me to many many weight loss blogs today, AND then I stumbled upon Pro Blogger's 7 links challenge via John Is Fit.  So, here goes...

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time I lose focus and momentum. And whad'ya know, this happens to be one of those time. So, I though it befitting that I click back to WHERE IT ALL first remind myself why I choose to fight this battle of the bulge day in & day out! 

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time I lose sight of why I blog and I get caught up in numbers: comments, followers, link-up participants, etc. To REMIND MYSELF WHY I pound away on my laptop sharing my thoughts, I often peruse my blog and read posts that I enjoyed writing the most.

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know from time to time my writer's voice loses direction and I sometimes blog about random nothingness, but every now and then I FIND MY GROOVE and produce a  posts that encourages a great discussion

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know I need to make a doctor's appointment to receive an official diagnosis for my Blame the ADD for lack of comments on your blogs. See what happens is...I click on your blog, see other bloggers in your blogroll, and then proceed to blog jump. 

While BLOG JUMPING I always read posts on other people's blogs that I wish I had written. Karen from Fitness: A Journey Not A Destination writes many thought provoking post that make me go hmmmm...

If you follow my blog (Do you see a pattern developing

If you follow my blog religiously, you already know I sometimes throw w(h)ine & cheese parties demonstrating my failure to see the bright side during times of woe. On occasion my inner Partridge Family/Brady Bunch shines through and I write a helpful post (even if the post features a one-legged stripper) encouraging bloggers  to TURN THEIR FROWN UPSIDE DOWN.

If you follow my blog religiously, you may not know that on occasion I spend way too much time concocting creative post titles. At one time I thought about using song titles as post titles. But truth be told, simple is the way to go. Simple titles using keywords optimizes search engines and draws more people to your blog. I think.

Anyway...if I were to select a post title I am most proud of...hands down...
"Would you give a crackhead crack?"

Sarcastically (my brand of humor), I began each passage with, "If you follow my blog religiously..." 

I know sometimes life gets in the way and following Ah Me So Hongry religiously, reading EVERY single one of my blog posts is extremely unrealistic and demanding.  But I admit I do read every almost every post of a few blogs I follow.

With that being said I leave a hilarious PANTS SPLITTING POST,  I wish more people had read....

If you write your own 7 links post, please link up and share...


  1. Great idea!!! I think I will give this a go! Love your blog! xoxo

  2. HAhaha! This is great! I am not sure my weight loss blog has SEVEN! hahaha.

  3. First off, thanks for the shout out, that was so sweet of you! Keeping up with all the blogs I follow has been difficult. Also, if I don't have anything fresh to say, I won't leave a comment, that doesn't mean I'm not reading though!

    Love you sense of humor, that keeps me coming back.


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