Thursday, April 12, 2012

I LOVE the boy with the BREAD!

Yes, I do. I love the boy with the bread! 
And that boy that I speak of...none other than Peeta Mellark!  Yes, Peeta Mellark of the Hunger Games franchise.
If you know not what I speak of, you either just landed on the planet Earth or been living under a rock.  Believe me when I say The Hunger Games is the new Twilight. I highly recommend you read the books before you see the movie. The movie stayed true to the book (with a few embellishments), and brought the pages of the book to life!

And...might I add, reading takes your mind off food and keeps your hands busy turning pages instead of digging in a bag of chips. most of you and the rest of the world knows, The Hunger Games opened a couple weeks ago. And in keeping with our tradition, the lovely ladies of Morales and myself partook in a night of movie magic merriment.  Meaning, we each made or purchased a Hunger Games shirt and met up for libations & gastronomic provisions. Translations: DRANKS & JUNK FOOD!

My shirt: I blinged it myself! 

Since I like to feed my clothes instead of my mouth, YES...I ALWAYS eat with a bib.  
We never do anything half-ass. And we go "all out!" My mom graciously made party favors. What's a party without favors?
We even held our own Reaping! The winner received a gift bag chocked full of the Hunger Games goodies! 

But guess who won the reaping...wouldn't you know it, "The Girl on Fire!"
By far the highlight of the night...Rose's ensemble. She arrived dressed as Katniss complete with a bow and arrow. When Rose decides to do something, she commits. 
And now the..."I think you need to close your drink tab pics!"
And thus concludes my Hunger Games show-n-tell. How did you usher in new franchise?
And by the way, this post serves as #7 for the WEGO's HAWM Challenge. The topic for post #7: FREE CHOICE! Yes, technically today is Day 12, but you know me...always the rebel, never following rules. 


  1. Ok after reading your post, I really need to jump on the Hunger Games wagon ! :-)

    Looks like you girls had a blast !

  2. Hey! This looks like a blast! I wish something like this had gone down in my neck of the woods. I know you mentioned you like to read in an earlier post and as the school year winds down, I'm looking for some new books for the summer. I loved The Hunger Games and clearly you did too, so if you have some free times and are willing to make some suggestions I'd really appreciate it! xx

  3. Look like ya'll had a great time. I never read Hunger Games but it looks like I need to go out there and get it.

  4. Love, love, love all the photos! What a fantastic idea! :)

  5. Oh. My. Gosh!!!! I love your pics!
    I've practically been living under a rock I've not seen the movie OR read the books! I love how into it you all are, I think it's hilarious and adorable!

  6. You sure do have fun. I wish you lived closer.

  7. I loved The Hunger Games and clearly you did too, so if you have some free times and are willing to make some suggestions I'd really appreciate it


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