Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lesson learned the hard weigh...

And so the HAWMC continues...

Today's writing prompt: Learned the Hard Way...What's a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 minutes.

Well one lesson I learned...After I finish viewing Redbox movies, I must remember to place the previously viewed movies in my line of sight. If not, I forget that I rented them, thus resulting in my ownership of a new movie. And let me tell you, I own quite an extensive collection of Redbox movies.

Seriously...a lesson, or THE lesson in life that I learned the hard way (and continue to learn on a daily basis)...
"Your body is a baggage you must carry through life.  The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip."
Arnold H. Glasgow
By fault of my own, I never attained the skill set necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of eating healthy and exercising regularly, I chose the destructive route.  I abused my body with unhealthy food and yo-yo diets. As well, I lived a sedimentary lifestyle. Exercise consisted of  the following:
  • Sit-ups: Sitting up from lying down on the couch while watching hours and hours of trashy television.
  • Pull-ups: Pulling my chair up to the table.
  • Curls: Curling eating utensils to my mouth to shovel in food.
And the tragic part about my self-destruction, my mom served as a shining example of health personified.
My MOM! Of course she placed in her age group. While she took this picture I was probably still running. LOL.
So why the rebellion? Who the hell knows. As a youngster you think you know it all. In my mind zingers and cheese fries represented a well balance meal.

In high school I stayed active, but when I transitioned from high school into "real life" I quickly learned that garbage in resulted in garbage out. I continued to eat the same garbage, but I failed to maintain the same level of activity. As the weight quickly piled on I tried one fad diet after the other.

And the end result...I lost the weight. Yea, I lost the weight, but then gained it back and then some. The fad diets served as a quick fix which prevented me from learning how to get healthy and STAY healthy.

I finally experienced the proverbial "straw that broke the camels back," and decided to turn my rotund life around. I joined Weight Watchers and made a conscious effort to remove this excess baggage from my body...58 lbs. removed.
Despite my success with Weight Watchers, I still continue to struggle on a daily basis. When I feel like throwing in the towel, I remind myself weight loss requires persistence, not perfection.

To sum things up, the lesson I learned the hard weigh (You like my play on words?)  I wish I made an effort to acquire the skill set necessary to live AND maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If I had...

 I would NOT be spending day after day in agony fighting my food demons and  internally struggling with my inner fat girl. Repeatedly, my inner big girl rears her head and makes an unwanted appearance, but I keep her at bay by rolling my eyes ~_~ and telling her..."b!tch please...move on!" 

What's a lesson you learned the hard way?


  1. I don't know if this is a lesson but I learned that I was solely responsible for myself. I had to stop blaming other people and making excuses for myself. The nice thing is that I can take ownership of my successes too :)

    Congratulations on your loss! Your mom looks fabulous.

    I definitely struggle some days too

  2. And the name is fabulous and hysterical (hongry..hahaha). I love WW but I learned the hard way too that losing the weight is only half the battle... It's keeping it off that's the thing! I keep gaining and losing the same thirty pounds. Whomp, whomp...trying to keep on keepin' on. Thanks for your posts :)

  3. Red Box and I are no longer friends. After the Barbie Mermaid situation, we haven't been on speaking terms!


  4. Your blog posts always make me laugh! I love your statement "I remind myself weight loss requires persistence, not perfection". This is something I think we all struggle with. Congrats! on all you have accomplished.

  5. "weight loss requires persistence, not perfection"
    I can so relate to this. Just last night I was thinking of how I compare the way that I am "able" to workout now, to the way that I used to workout before when I was in good shape. Reaching near death 15 mins into a tae bo video, that I used to complete in 45mins and be ready for more, really gets me. So, lately i've been trying to keep myself motivated by saying just do your best and soon enough you will be able to conquer these things.

  6. Oh and congrats on your loss! WW is great, especially when it comes to learning how to eat.

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