Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take a look, its in a book... AND, my SUPAH power REVEALED!

For those of you not familiar, I grabbed my post title from one of my favorite shows I watched as a kid. Take a guess...

That's riiiiiight, Reading Rainbow!!

So, why the Reading Rainbow reference? Weeellll,  a few weeks ago I made a promise to myself (ONCE AGAIN) to blog more consistently, and once again I broke that promise (SURPRISE, SURPRISE).

Instead of plugging away on my laptop blogging, I find myself curled up in a corner any & everywhere with my nose stuck in a book, well  in this case, stuck in my iPad...reading, reading, reading!

Every now and then the reading bug bites and I get the fever...the fever for a mind altering great book. Reading relaxes and transcends me to another world. AND it helps to take my mind off food and eating.  

Well my friends,  I NOW find myself immersed and transcended into a NEW trashy paranormal world filled with sensual, brooding, tenacious vampires. I am captivated by J.R. Ward's the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. If you own a Nook or use the Nook app, I can lend you the books to read. Let me know!

So, tell me...what are you reading, just finished reading, or plan to read?

Moving on...

So, last month I mentioned I planned to participate in the Health Activist's Writing Challenge. Well, I missed day and 1 and 2, thanks to my weekend reading coma.

Today's topic...

If you had a superpower what would it be? And how would you use it?

Well, I already have a superpower...the power of FABULOUSNESS! Fabulousness comes from within, and my inner fabulousness provides me the ability to transform the ordinary into utter fabulousness.

Take for instance this, plain-Jane Cinna Hunger Games tee.

I purchased this shirt online for a Hunger Games party I attended. When the shirt finally arrived, I felt like it needed a lil something extra. I tapped into my inner fabulousness and...

With my trusty hot fix tool and several bags off crystals, I transformed my ordinary tee into total and complete...FABULOUSNESS!

Check me out...rocking the ish outta my shirt!!
And my best example of my FABULOUSNESS manifested...

Here you see two handsome young men.
Insert FABULOUSNESS and...
Yes. It took two to tango to create these dapper young fellas.  BUT...when my partner's mediocre DNA intermingled with mine, MY DNA contained the FABULOUSNESS factor which over powered his inferior genes ultimately...resulting in the two creative, talented, awe-inspiring dancers you see pictured below:-D

Believe it or not everyone possesses the power to be fabulous. I often think about starting my own business as a FABULOUSNESS Coach...lol. My goal, help others tap into their inner FABULOUSNESS and SHINE!

You know, now that I think about it, I may need to order myself a cape. And for those of you who "know" me, you know I would actually do it...order the cape.

Well, my friends, I bid you adieu. I must GO and spread my FABULOUSNESS with the rest of the world!

So, if you had a superpower, what would it be? And how would YOU use it?


  1. As a librarian, I *love* to hear that you are an avid reader! I love vampire, werewolf and zombie books, a recent favorite has been the first two books in the Benny Iwamura zombie books, the first is Rot & Ruin by J. Mayberry. Also good- "Breathers- A Zombies's Lament" and "You Suck: A Love Story" by Christopher Moore. Also, the Cinna shirt is *fabulous*, I wish I had the skills to glam up a shirt like that!

  2. cute post + awesome t-shirt. hunger games rocked, I'm glad people are celebrating it!

  3. Love the shirt! I don't think it would be appropriate to say what I'd use my super powers for lmao!!

  4. I LOVED READING RAINBOW! Great shirt.

  5. You had your super power all along! :)

  6. Fabulousness is an AMAZING super power! I totally LOVE it! And girl, you are rocking that shirt. Totally cool!

  7. I just finished "It looked better on the model" by Laurie Notaro - hilarious non-stop fits of laughter the entire time I was reading it. My husband thought I had lost my mind.

  8. I'm so envious you went to a Hunger Games party! And yes, I own a nook. And yes, can I borrow the Brotherhood? I'm a new Nooker. Didn't even now you could lend stuff!


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