Saturday, May 9, 2009


When trying to lose weight...
You ever noticed how one negative thought snowballs into an AVALANCHE of negative thinking and the next thing you find yourself crawling on the floor scrounging for just 1 nickel to buy a kit kat from the vending machine in the teacher's lounge. This may or may not have happened to me. I attended my weekly weight management meeting, Weight Watchers, and the topic of discussion...managing thoughts...provided the jump start I needed to get back on track. Truth be told, I fell of the weight loss wagon.

From the meeting, I learned negative thoughts lead to negative behavior. To illustrate, I suffer from the All-or-Nothing Syndrome. Basically, one wrong decision (e.g. eating 1 dozen of ginger snap cookies in one sitting) sends me spiraling into a pit of self-doubt and self-defeat. As a result, I succumb to the defeat and return to my previous atrocious eating habits. So...the remedy for the All-or-Nothing Syndrome...THINK POSITIVE...easier said than done!

My assignment for the week:
1. Look in the mirror.
2. Smile.
3. Say something positive.

And on a positive note, a few weeks ago I received an award for completing my 16th week as a Weight Watchers member. Today, the leader mentioned members sticking with the program for 16 weeks signifies the decision to STAY and SUCCEED! GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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