Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Countdown to Summer Vacate...8 Days Left

As a first year teacher, I am SO looking forward to my first summer OFF! My summer plans include the following:




These pictures, courtesy of our field trip today to Bayou Wildlife Park, basically sum up my plans in a nutshell. Of course, I plan to throw in some activity. Until then...8 days and counting...
A few more pics from the field trip:
A goat...looking for a lil' snack. How bout some buttons?
Sally the Camel...she got a lil' to close for comfort...WAY TO CLOSE!
The newest addition to the wildlife park.


  1. Correction...Your FIRST PAID SUMMER VACATION!!

  2. Great photos!!!

    I can only dream about time off, LOL! Haven't had a vacation since 2001 because my meager 10 vacation days each year are used up by days that school is closed and DD's sick days since I am a single mom.


  3. @ God's favorite shoes. RIGHT!

  4. mommie2lea...Oh, I can relate to the single parent thing. Besides having the summers off, I think I went into teaching so my kids and I have would have the same days off. Child care, camps, etc. are expensive!


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