Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roundhouse Kick to the Face!!! Woopow!

Last Saturday at my WW meeting, I received a much needed roundhouse kick to the face! As expected, I gained. As a matter of fact, I gained +1.4, but no worries. I sucked it up and moved on, so no need to break out the tiny violin...no sob story today.
Ya know what? WW reminds me of the TV show, Sex and the City (SATC). Even though I watch the same reruns over and over and over and over again, it seems Carrie's relationship issues always reflect the chaos in my life. And like SATC, it seems the WW meeting topics always coincide with the weight loss related chaos in my life. Last Saturday's meeting was no exception to the rule.

The leader picked up where we left off 2 Saturdays ago with the topic, Recovering from the Summer...
So we began the meeting by reviewing the list of action steps necessary to boost weight loss. The leader then posed the following question:

Question: Did anyone attempt any of the actions steps listed to boost weight loss? Answer: *crickets chirping* So, in other words...negative. No.

Next the leader asked the following questions:
  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a task?
  • If so what feelings emerge?
  • How did you tackle the task?
The first overwhelming task that came to mind, my return to college (or big girl school as my Mom calls it) in 2004 to earn a Bachelors degree. My worries centered around paying for school, classes conflicting with my work schedule, and care for my children. While attending school I felt stressed, and sometimes frustrated. Once or twice I regretted my decision to return to school, but in the end the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices paid off. Although my return to college after a 7 year hiatus appeared daunting, I tackled college by making a plan and taking it one semester at a time. So, why in the H-E-double hockey sticks (HELL) do I not apply the same approach to weight loss?

As of late, this tasks of losing weight overwhelms me on a daily basis. For starters, the most challenging part of this process is keeping myself on track. In addition, the pot of gold (end weight goal) at the end of the rainbow sometimes seems unattainable. And at times, my weight loss roller coaster elicits feelings of frustration, helplessness, and sometimes defeat.

SO, HERE IS WHERE THE MEETING GETS GOOD! The leader tells everyone," QUITING IS NOT AN OPTION and the holidays are fast approaching. GET IT TOGETHER NOW!" WOOPOW...another roundhouse kick to the face!

You know life happens, and events and occasion constantly occur and throw us off track . The key to staying ON track: BREAK THE PROCESS INTO SMALL STEPS...BABY STEPS!

BABY STEP #1-Learn from experience
  • On weeks when I lose big I track, drink lots of water, and eat more filling foods. So, experience tells me I should track, drink lots of water, and eat more filling foods. DUH!!!
  • On weeks when I fail to lose or gain I must remember the scale is ONLY a source of feedback. My weight loss efforts should not be based on a single weigh in. I believe I mentioned this in my previous post. From experience I learned that the scale tells only a part of the story.
BABY STEP #2-Manage your environment
  • Home-get rid of the crap and replace with better crap.
  • Work-Bring your lunch and keep snacks in your desk or work area.
  • Restaurants-Get your mind right before you leave the house. Know what you plan to order before you arrive at the restaurant and refuse the menu.
  • Meetings provide motivation.
  • (OKAY THIS IS WHERE I HAD A HALLELUJAH FIT, my aha moment, paradigm shift, epiphany...) The people at the meeting "GET IT!" WW members understand why I fall victim to the siren call of food. WW members understand why I cannot say NO. WW members understand my feelings. NO ONE JUDGES! (Well, I judge the people with the Grande Starbucks cups...lol). Some people think obese individuals lack will power or control. THEY DON'T GET IT, but the WW members...they GET IT!
In keeping with the BABY STEPS process, I asked myself what ONE thing will I do this week to GET back and STAY on track? Answer: Planning and cooking my food.


  1. Great post!

    I see a fantastic weigh-in or three in your future!

  2. oh look at them little chubby baby legs, I just wanna squeeze them!

    Ok, onto your post now. I TOTALLY AGREE, this is all about baby steps! When I first started on my journey, I'm confident if I would have said "Let me lose 100lbs" I would have probably gotten frustrated and gave up, ran away & cried while alternating between spoonfuls of ben & jerry's and taco bell bites. BUT...I didn't. I took it one day at a time, one meal at a time. No use worrying about the ENTIRE thing when one meal is enough to worry about!

    Thanks for the reminder - I needed this definetly to help me regain my balance now. :)

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