Monday, September 14, 2009

In the lion's den with MUFASA...

First and foremost...1 pound down this week y'all... for a grand total of 35.4 pounds removed!

So...Sunday morning I walked down stairs. My boys laid eyes on me and erupted into a wave of roaring laughter. One of them had the audacity to refer to me as Mufasa. Yes, I looked in the mirror and brushed my teeth before descending down the stairs. And yes, I resembled Mufasa. My mane appeared a tad bit Mufasa-esque.

So...after working out Sunday after noon, I returned home and decided to tame my mane. While brushing my hair, one of my boys called my name. So, again I walked downstairs, and of course when my son saw my hair, he called me Mufasa through his fits of laughter. You be the judge:



  1. WHOO HOOO on the 1 pound MORE GONE! YOU GO GIRL! Lovin the "tamed" hair-do pics! :) NICE!


    My hair is wild this morning and the 3 year old hath lost my brush.

    or so she's claiming anyway.

    hairband time...

  3. I love the happiness of this post ... :D

    ok ... i'm not even kidding ... my word verification was "fartnet" hahahaha!

  4. My brain is fried. Did I respond to these comments. Well I'm going to respond again if I already did.

    @ TJ...I think I did respond to this via my phone. Well anyway I am excited about the weight loss and the consistent weekly losing. I know the first time I hit a gain I am going to be disappointed, so I'm glad this week's meeting is abot NSV's and setting goals. Thanks. I love the tamed mane too. It's much easier to handle.

    @ on losing the brush. Kids have a habit of losing stuff like that. Like my kids can never find deodorant (sp). I'm like are yall eating it or what? And thanks for the Kudos. You know as I write this I think I have already reponded to these comments. O well.

    @ fitcetera...THANKS! I didn't know my post exuded happiness. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    fartnet, that's insane, but yet funny. Who makes this crap up?


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