Saturday, September 19, 2009

You know it's time to buy a new pair of pants when...

You know it's time to buy a new pair of pants when...

  • ....when you go to the restroom and you just pull down your pants rather than unbuttoning and unzipping the pants.
  • ....when you're marching around with the room with the your students dancing to "Knees Up Mother Brown" and you keep stepping and tripping on your pants because the pants keep sliding down your butt. The song "Knees Up Mother Brown" almost changed to "Pants Down Mother Brown (Around Your Knees)."
  • ...when you sit down and you reveal your plumber's crack. On this particular day I sported my "good" underwear. You should always rock your good underwear, but sometimes when the laundry overflows from the hamper, I must resort to the "tow up from the flo (floor) up panties."

  • ...when yourself as well as some other people can fit into your pants at the same time you wear them.

So yesterday, I finally decided to purchase some new jeans, major NSV by the way. Pressed for time (due to a date later on last night...yay me), I scurried to Marshall's, Ross, Target and Old Navy. Unfortunately, I purchased NOTHING! All of the pants I tried on fit a bit funky due to my voluptuous pear shape. Either the pants gaped in the waist or were too long. When time permits, I plan to return to Old Navy. I preferred their selection, and Old Navy carries jeans in different lengths.

Although I failed to purchase a pair of jeans, I experienced ANOTHER major NSV. For real this time, for real, for real, last night I shopped on ONE side of the store. I can now wear a 14/16, not a 14/16 W, not a Layne Bryant 14/16, not a plus size 14/16, but a real true live size 14/16 with no letters or words after the size. SHAZAAM!

In addition, I am happy to report a .8 loss. I WILL TAKE THAT! Last week I overdosed on Goldfish. Since we eat lunch, more like brunch at 10:15, we provide a snack for the students around 1:30 PM. Needless to say I enjoyed my fair share of Goldfish this week. As well, 1 cupcake ALMOST sent me down the path of destruction! But you know what, I ate the cupcake and got on with my life! One cupcake shall not defeat me and bring me down.

Come to think of it, the food at work tempted and taunted me all week. To illustrate, for Mexican Independence Day last Wednesday, the cafeteria prepared a tempestuous spread: tamales, tacos, empanadas, beans, rice, and CHURROS (kinda like a Spanish doughnut)! Thank God I used my last few dollars to pay the toll on my way to work that morning. Since the school cafeteria does not take Visa, I ate the lunch I prepared. BUT the next day the cafeteria served enchiladas...I caved. BUT, the government cheese used to prepare the enchiladas proved to thick for my throat and a couple of time I almost choked due to insufficient chewing. BUT the enchiladas tasted great, especially with homemade salsa prepared by the sweet cafeteria ladies.

I guess I should mention the chocolate cake prepared by the registrar. 2 words...moist and deliciously chocolaty (Is that 3 words?). There...I confessed...moving on! Like I said, -.8, I WILL TAKE IT! I know where I went wrong last week and I already started making plans to ensure success for next week. I started by making a menu, something I failed to do last week. And I also need to consistently track foods eaten. My motto for this week, "YOU BITE IT, YOU WRITE IT!"


  1. haha, I've been having the same issues but my jeans are my favorite - so I keep buying belts instead. I'll have to switch them out sooner or later - try out American Eagle too, they carry a wide range of fits and sizes (especially online) but whatever size you wear @ Old Navy go up one size for a better fit w/ American Eagle...All this work - I thought dropping a pant size was a good thing! Congrats!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest btw - I loved the post :)

  2. Congratulations on your pants not *quite* falling down! :D
    Oh so fantastic about your new size!!!

  3. Happy SITS Saturday sharefest (or whatever it is we're supposed to say).

    Sounds like we are the same shape. Pants NEVER fit me. I'm pear shaped, so they are always too big in the waist by the time I get them over my big behind.

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog!!! The house is actually pretty big to our surprise as well, its a whole... 2,100sq ft, I know right? I thought I was dreaming when I stepped inside!!! It was love at first sight for us! Good Luck to you on your weight loss journey, I am on mine as well!!!!

    Geez Louise

  5. Miss Voluptuous Pear - try the curvy fit jeans at the Loft before trying the Old Navy again. Nothing worse than that gape in the back!! Best of luck!

  6. I agree with Ann Taylor Loft, but also the line - APT 9 at Kohls is great for pear shapes as well.

    Way to go on that .8lbs!!!

  7. @ everybody....I want to thank each and everyone of you for your jeans suggestions. I foresee a new pair of jeans of the horizon. I know I sent each and everyone of you an email, but I just wanted to send another thanks.

  8. YOU GO GIRL! Congrats on the new jean size! We all give in to temptations now and again, but if we dont let them defeat us and we keep our eye on the prize, we will succeed!


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