Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girl with Mustache Seeks Witty HONEST Male

I confess. A girlfriend and I posted a profile on Yahoo Personals several months ago (YES...THE ONLINE DATING SERVICE!) Anyway, we lacked the patience for the whole online dating thing, so we cancelled our subscription after 2 months. Plus some of the guys seemed super creepy and we didn't want to end up in some one's freezer or crawl space. Although I cancelled my subscription, my profile still exists. Soooooooooo Tuesday, I thought it would be really funny to post this picture of me with a mustache and chest hair:

Ever since I posted this picture on Tuesday, I have received 4 messages. Two of the messages stated, "You caught my eye." Uh YEAH, I caught your eye...I'm rocking a mustache and chest hair! So after two months of paying for nothing I now realize the key to online dating...chest hair and a mustache.

So today's weigh in...if I could say one thing to the scale today, I would say...
Today, 3.4 DOWN for a total of 34.4. Next week I predict week, 35 down!


  1. Hilarious!!

    Congrats on the loss.

  2. OMG! I needed this laugh today!
    Where oh where are the men that will love US?

    Fantastic weight loss!

  3. Too funny!!! I totally think I should have done that when I was single! LOL

  4. You crack me up lady! Online dating, whew, that's another blog I could start. In fact... (hhmm..finger on chin, I'm thinking)

    Anyways, I met my love online! After years of online searching, I ended up finding him on myspace randomly :) Love at first glance maybe?

  5. Congratulations! I have an award for you!

  6. Very funny! I actually found my husband online, but I was very careful about the whole process.

    Congrats on your loss!

  7. LOL... you have mass writing skills. If it wasn't for the music that auto plays on your blog, I'd totally follow you! (sorry, it's just my personal criteria :)

  8. Well, mission accomplished. You seriously broght sexy back with that mustache and chest hair. ; )
    That is so funny.
    And, GOOD FOR YOU! (I mean about the 34.4)

  9. roflmbo of course you got hits.. I get hits on a profile I didn't even intend on making period since I am married. I THOUGHT I was editing my yahoo profile itself and clicked the wrong link and tried to bcktrack yeah too late. I think it is finally gone lol after many emails to Yahoo tech support..

  10. I don't like when music automatically plays either, but I just leave my sound turned off and no problem. I think Dee should give that a try.

    Your mustache picture is funny, perhaps that's what caught those men's eye--your great humor!

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  11. That's too funny, I love your sense of humor. I've never tried online dating, but I think you totally have to have a sense of humor about it. Happy SITS day again to you!

  12. I've always been a little too leary of those online dating services (like you, not wanting to disappear). The commercials look too perfect for me. But if I do decide to, I'll make sure I wear a mustache & chest hair. Haha!

  13. You are an inspiration to us all! First, the bravery to attempt a new look ala facial hair. It takes a couragous woman!

    Second, You go girlfrenn, on the weight loss!

  14. Thanks for the chuckles! Glad you didn't wind up in someones freezer!!!! And Happy SITS day too. I'm enjoying your featured blog very much

  15. maybe you caught their eye because they enjoy couples shaving... ? ack!


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