Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I quarantined my oldest flu ridden son!! Yes, the flu! You wanna hear something funny? Yesterday, my campus provided flu shots and guess who passed? Me. Each flu season, I never opt to receive a flu shot AND I only remember catching the flu once. Now, I may reconsider. So today I stayed home and attempted to nurse my boy back to health.

Well this week so far...A BUST! Let me give you some stats:
  • # of times I worked out this week: None 0. Well, earlier today I went to the park for a jog. Finally, a cool front made its way to Houston and I thoroughly enjoyed my breezy jog. So, 1 for the # of times worked out this week.

  • # of times I should have worked out: 5

  • # of days I tracked my food intake: 3

  • # of days I should have tracked: 5

  • # of times of I stayed on track: Well let's just say I stayed on track most of the time...

  • #of times I got off track: Well let's just say more than I should have...
So the final score: The Devil-1 Me-0

No worries!! Tomorrow is another day. You know, the other day I realized THIS go-round with WW marks the first time I remained in the program this LONG. Usually I quit and tell myself, "I got this!" What typically happens when I quit, I discover that I don't got this, and find all the weight I lost and then some.

Before I go I wanted to share some new finds courtesy of TJ. When I see something on other blogs, I always give props.

Props: Props is short for proper recognition or proper respect.

Anyway on to my new finds. First up my new popcorn popper...check it, check it out! You pop the popcorn in the microwave. How cool is that?

You must try these crakers. The points value for one serving...phenomenal! You get about 2, 342 crakers for 2 points. No, really you can eat 34 crakers for 2 points.


  1. YES! You found the popper! OH when I make mine and if I am making 2 batches (or 3) use less time each time...the popper is HOT and I think it needs less
    time to heat up. Use oven mits to take it out of the micro!

    LOL the word I need to enter down below is BINGE! Nice reminder to stay on track for me! lol

  2. I work at a hospital and yesterday they were doing free flu shots for employees. They had a both set up right in front of the cafeteria. I passed it up 4 times and didn't take advantage of the convience. Now I kinda wish I had.

    That popcorn popper looks really cool.

  3. I saw that popper in Target but was in a rush and didn't have tome to really look at it. I will check it out as I love pop corn by the microwave kinds generally have a lot of hydrogenated oils.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey... Just wanted to stop by and show your page some love. I am trying toget back on the bandwagon. Looking forward 2 catching up.

  5. Yeah, I had one of those weeks, too. Here's to a better one for both of us starting today!

    I hope your boy is feeling better. The flu is horrible! I am going to get the shot this year because they are offering them for free at work on 10/22. Last year I skipped it and I got hit hard... it was very very bad.


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