Monday, January 11, 2010

Order Up. . . Today's Special!

Tonight's post may lean a little towards the bootleg side.


: Although the real word means pirated music/software and illegal alcohol, anything that is "bootleg" is fake, unfashionable, or lacking in any way.

Used in a sentence:
" Lisa told me to see that movie, but the bootleg special effects left little to be desired."

Yesterday my internet gave me the blues, and tonight I mismanaged my time. So, this post
may lack my usual je ne sais quoi (French for...I don't know what) that keeps some of you coming back for more.

Just a little preview of the goodies nestled in my jazzy lunch tote:
Breakfast: Eggsters
85 g of Potatoes O'Brien
3 egg whites
Directions: Mix together egg whites and potatoes O'Brien. Season to taste and then pour into your Redi-Set-Go! Wait 7 minutes and BAM...EGGSTERS!

And of course a salad...

Snacks and Back-Up Snacks
Since I eat lunch at 10:15, yes 10:15, snacks are essential to my survival for the rest of the day.

Fresh Berries courtesy of price matching at Wal-Mart. I paid $2 bucks for these blueberries originally priced at $3.48!

An orange and 2 Clementines

I love the new Weight Watchers Roasted Almond Sensation bars...on sale this week for $3.50! When times get hard and my tummy starts talking, I bust out the PB and 1/2 a sandwich thin. I keep a measuring spoon in my bag as well. Also pictured my 0 point salad dressing which also comes in Raspberry Vinaigrette.
Tonight I intended on writing a post reflecting last weeks hits and misses. Tune in for tomorrows post...Glows and Grows.


  1. I just love how you put the definition of "bootleg" first!! I don't know if it's just me, maybe because I have teenagers and a tween, so I hear these words used, but a lot of people don't know what "throwback, bootleg, crackin, whack, etc" there's way too many to list, but hey... I don't mind if it means, i'm a "cool" mom. don't forget, I am Nacho girl! Watch it now!!

  2. I love that salad dressing, too! I didn't realize it was 0 points. You're really inspiring me to start WW again!

  3. I eat lunch at 11am and I'm starving by 3! It's so tempting to go to the snack machine, so I have to make sure I take something with me! Great deal on the berries...I hardly ever buy them because of the price!

  4. How do you make the parmesan??

    I can't WAIT to get my redi-set cooker for work!

  5. Super hungry now looking at your lunch. Those Eggsters look so yummy (recipe??)
    And I love your lunch tote (where did you get it?)

  6. I love those sandwhich thins!

    I've started making my own dressing--2 t of olive oil, 2 t of balsamic, 1 t of mrs. dash--it has a nice kick and I get the oil in too! : )

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I LOVE IT!!! You make losing weight and "dieting" fun. Thanks!! I was wondering where i could find the recipe for the Eggsters, they look good!! You inspired me to get out my Eating for life cookbook and get reacquainted with the recipes!! :):)

  9. Those little egg things look sooo cute. I think I might have to try that.

  10. I like the chicken "charmesan" It looks yummy. 10:15 lunch? Eegaad!

  11. That chicken looks really good! Those almond bars are my new favorite "go to" snack. They are soo good!!!
    Loving your blog!!

  12. I LOVE this blog!!! I am soooo glad I found you! Come check out my blog!

  13. Yummy! Can you come make my breakfast and lunch for me?

    I love the WW's new bar too, but was surprised how hard they were. Maybe it was too cold? I had a hard time chewing them, but the taste was great!

  14. Everything looks nice & tasty! YUM!


  15. mmm delicious. I LOVE clementines! Cute lunch box :)

  16. Thanks for keeping us motiviated!

  17. I'm a Weight Watcher drop-out (more than once as a matter of fact). I'm not proud of it but blogging is anonymous, I think.... I like your motivation and your recipes. I'm in Canada so many of these nice products are not available. That's my excuse for now! LOL I will be back after I have eaten something. Your blog makes me hong-gry!

  18. Hi, Girl! I just found you on SITs and stopped by only to get REALLY hungry! LOL! This looks really good. I've never seen that thing you cooked the eggsters in. Is it a microwave thing? I'm going to check out your other posts so I can see your je ne sais quoi. LOL!


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