Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glows and Grows

One afternoon while picking up my son, I sat in my vehicle mean muggin (mean muggin a.k.a. the evil eye) another parent for halting the flow of traffic in order retrieve her small child, who somehow unbuckled his seat belt and jumped over the seat into the back of the minivan. As I watched the parent wrangle her child, my mind began to wander and idea hit me like a thunderbolt.

Since our WW leader, Karen, constantly reminds WW members to learn from our experiences, I decided to do just that! Each Saturday after my weigh-in, I plan to evaluate my lifestyle change hits and misses. My weekly evaluation aptly titled GLOWS and GROWS,
will examine strategies attempted to help me successfully reach my goal weight (this year).

I confess. I still inconsistently track my daily food points. In the past I tracked my points in my head and never wrote anything on paper. I refer to this lackadaisical method as Wing-It-Tracking a.k.a. Keep-It-Up-And-You-Ain't-Gonna-Lose-Weight Method. My usual pattern consisted of routine tracking starting on Saturdays, and by Wednesday or Thursday any traces of tracking became non-evident. At our last WW meeting, Karen stated several times, "Those that fail to track eat 30% more food." To help me get on the right track (get it...never mind), I received this little toy(which I picked out) for Christmas: BAM!!
So, did I track everyday using my iTouch? YES I DID...EVERYDAY! My iTouch made tracking convenient and accessible. And of course the information I entered automatically synced to the eTools online program.
I used the calculator to determine points values and create new foods to be stored as my favorites.
I even tracked my activity. And what I appreciate the most about the WW App...the price $0!
GLOW: The Couch to 5K(C25K) App.
Last summer I started the C25K training program, but I must admit I never finished the program and I never ran my first 5K. On my first go-round with C25K training, I downloaded Suz's podcast to my other older generation iPod.This time, I downloaded this bad boy (bad boy: a term used to mean this case, my new app.)

What I like about this app...I can listen to my own music rather than the music provided by the podcast creator.
Needless to say...I LOVE MY iTOUCH!

Back Up Meals
I decided to plan one freezer meal (e.g. soup or chili) each week. The freezer meals serve as back-up for times of laziness , on-the-go moments, crazy scheduling, etc. Last week I co
oked Turkey Taco Soup...
and this week I made chili. A few times I arrived home exhausted after work and popped a bowl of chili in the microwave instead of cooking or running through the drive-thru.

...added some homemade chips, chives and cheese!

GLOW: I purchased this water jug from the dollar store. I previously owned a 17 oz. cup which I refilled about 4 or 5 times a day. Well, at some point refilling the bottle became a chore, resulting in me not meeting my daily water requirements. My solution to my new lazy habit of not filling my water bottle....BUY A BIGGER WATER BOTTLE!

Okay, so I need to work on these things.

My Mom gave me the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program. Ummm...the word extreme fails to do the P90X justice. On day 1, Arms and Shoulders (which consisted of completing 2,431,675 push-ups), I spent a majority of my workout time face down sniffing carpet fresh. At one point I just stopped and cried! After day 2, I decided to dropkick the P90X box under the bed and move on with my life. But then my Mom gave me a pep-talk and I agreed to continue torturing myself.

On the Plyometrics DVD, one of the P90X "graduates" completed the entire workout with a prosthetic leg. I said to myself, "Self. If this dude with the prosthetic leg can rock this plyometric workout, then I need to shut it and MOVE!" Curious about torturing your self? Check out the P90X video or mosey on over to YouTube

Believe me when I say, you have NOT heard the last about this P90X!

: "Fried" Chicken
This fried chicken dinner, so not a winner. For the first time I made the famous cornflake fried chicken. I think my first mistake was purchasing generic cereal rather than Kellogg's. For the most part my "fried" chicken tasted like chicken covered in cereal...gross. But we ate it...all of it!


  1. Darn! I just went to check my android market and there's no official WW app. I did download a WW diary, though. I'm going to start with that. I miss doing WW. Like I said (I think yesterday) you're really inspiring me.

    I wanted to try P90X but did not want to spend the money on it. Plus I have an issue with finding time to workout at home. The kids are my alarm clock. They wake at 630 (so I'm not getting up before them), they don't nap at the same time (and there's 3 of them!), and I'm wiped by the time bed comes around. I decided on a gym membership instead because they can be occupied while I workout.

    Wow that was long winded!

  2. You are so correct about tracking. I wish I had an iphone!

  3. I'm sorry but I had to LOL at the chicken covered in cereal comment. I've always thought that is what it would taste like and that is why I've never tried it.

    I think planning is good, and that is what I'm lacking, a good plan. Right now my plan is to try to get well, and then to refocus.

  4. I want a phone like that so I can do that! I have drank so much water that I have a standing date in the bathroom! I have heard of the p90x and heard it kicks butt...literally!

  5. I love, love, love my iPod Touch! Rock it, Sista!

  6. I love the glows and grows. You should start a weekly meme for it.

    I REALLY want an iTouch. I'm so jealous!

    I too started the C25k and never finished. I'm hoping when the weather gets better in the spring that I can start it again and finish this time.

  7. I wonder if there are similar app's for the blackberry?
    I do the same thing with frozen soups and chili's. Easy dinners and lunches which help to keep me on track.

  8. When I gave up buying water, I bought a 24 oz. water bottle and I love that I only have to refill it twice to meet my requirement. Can't believe it makes such a difference, but it does!
    P.S. I also LOVE my iTouch!

  9. Great post! Always entertaining as well as informative. lol
    I love the iTouch! So cool. I NEED one! lol

    I have given you an award, you can check it out over at my latest post! Congrats!

  10. It wasn't the brand of cereal....that stuff does taste like chicken covered in cereal..just my experience! I was like pass the milk...

  11. It's always a good sign when you have more GLOWS than grows!

  12. You are rocking it! I would have a long list of grows and not many glows. Good luck with all of it and that soup looks so good!

    Swinging by from SITS!

  13. I luv the WW app! LOVE IT! Good job on tracking!! :) OHH!! Im sorry about the chicken- wonder what went wrong??!! I like you chili all packed up for lunches! PLANNING IS KEY! :) GREAT WORK!!!

  14. I have to admire your drive and your spirit! Keep at it. Keep posting. I will eventually get the message and follow suit. Way to go!!!

  15. Great post! I think its going to be a good series! I did weight watchers before my wedding and did great for 6 months..and even after that. Now I can count points but don't do it as well. I just sent my sister that App since she has the Itouch! I look forward to learning more!

  16. LOVE my P90X. It kicked my butt, but I kept at it! Lost four inches around from my waist! I SOOOOO need to get back to it!


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