Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Taco Bell Diet? Really?

I promise y'all...I aim to blog more regularly. Between chauffeuring my boys and the dance crew around the city, and my socializing, I struggle to find quality blogging time. Pictured below...some highlights of events robbing my blogging time:

My oldest a.k.a. BB Boy Dom Bomb hitting a freeze after a performance!

The boys clowning around...
My youngest BB Snake Eyes clowning around with HE Buddy.

Me...celebrating a co-workers birthday

Of course I threw in a pic of me showcasing my signature pose..."hands on the hip and let the backbone slip"...BAM!

Everyday something blog worthy occurs and I scribble the details in my blog notebook. Then...night falls and bed time arrives before I get the opportunity to blog my thoughts. Right now, 10 different blog posts swirl around in my head trying to bust out! Where to begin...

The other night while watching TV, a Taco Bell commercial aired. Basically, this lady starts jibber-jabbing about some Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet...really? Soooo, you mean to tell me, if I eat the Taco Bell Fresco tacos, I can expect to slim down like Christine (the lady in the commercial)? Whatever Christine...gimme a break! I tell you one thing, Taco Bell waited until the most opportune time to unveil their "drive thru diet." That fresco menu is far from new, but what better time to promote it... at the start of the New Year when the New Years Resolutioners are in full swing.

Whateva TACO BELL! I got your "drive thru diet" right here...BAM!

Of course, I made my own homemade chips using the Thin Mission Corn Tortillas 1pt. for 2 tortillas...OLE! I covered my chips with a 1/2 cup of pinto beans (2pts.) made by my Mom, lettuce (0 pts.), 1 huge Roma tomato (0 pts.), HEB salsa, and 14 oz of cheese (1pt).

What cha think about that Christine?

P.S. I am slowly but surely catching up on my blog reading and commenting!


  1. Yours looks way better than Taco Bell's! And I have to wonder how their Drive Thru Diet works with their Fourth Meal promotion! I've always that THAT was horrifying!

  2. HA! I bet the runs you get from eating all of that Taco Bell would help you lose weight. LOL

  3. Looks great!!

    I tagged you. If you want to play along, you can go to my blog and see the rules.

  4. I love your boys!!!!!!!!!! That little one is a character!

    And yes, I saw that Taco Bell commercial...I was giving that chick in the commercial the "side eye" the whole time.

  5. I CANNOT STAND CHRISTINE! Every time that commercial comes on I say to anyone who is in the room with me, "I hate this commercial!"

    I particularly like when she says she wanted to lose weight, but knew she couldn't give up fast food. Um, hello, the fast food is part of the problem/reason you are now overweight!

    As someone who struggles with my weight and actually tries to follow a plan aka WW, I am completely offended by this stupid commercial.

    Okay, I am going to wrap up the Christine hating rant...

    Your recipes always look so yummy!

  6. I think that Taco Bell is using Christine as a Jarrod substitute. It worked for Subway! I love Taco Bell but I know that when I used to eat it in University I wasn't losing weight!

  7. Girl I feel you on the lack of time, lol! Being a single mom takes all of our time, but I think it's great you are spending time with your kids and being involved in their activities!!! You go girl!!

    Now on to the Taco Bell diet. When I say the commercial I was like are you serious?? Taco bell has really lost it, lol!!

    Oh and love the poses. Your looking great!!

  8. Who does Taco Bell think is going to buy that idea? It's also a little pathetic to try to basically rob Subway of the idea that eating at their establishment can help you lose weight. Even my 15 year old daughter makes fun of that commercial.

    Now on a positive note-you look great and so does your version of Mexican food!

  9. YEAH! Take that Taco Bell! Id MUCH rather eat the home made versions!!

    Great pic of you- BAM! :)

  10. That looks sooo good. Now I'm hungry! :p
    Me and my brother think the Taco Bell diet is hilarious! I think Taco Bell is trying to go the way of Subway.

  11. Okay whoever has the job at Taco bell to sit in a room and combine the SAME SHIT in different ways and call it different things has a cush job!

    Oh and the FRESCA menu is REALLY ingenious. It's everything the same but NO CHEESE!

  12. Your version looks awesome!! And you look HOTT in that photo.

  13. used to dance hip hop two years ago :) not my real passion but it was fun and god those pics made me go so hungry!

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