Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner!!

First things first, weigh-in results...5.6 pounds down! 5.6 pounds forever REMOVED!
At this week's WW meeting, we discussed MOVING MORE! In a nutshell, the leader stated that members must make exercise a priority and a good fit with our lifestyle. From my personal experience, I generally choose physical activity that I like AND also gets me excited, which in turn led to my self diagnosed condition of Physical Activity A.D.D. (P.A.A.D.D for short). I generally tend to purchase workout "stuff" and quickly lose interest.

As a sufferer of P.A.A.D.D., that means I own many many pieces of exercise equipment and products which I found alternate uses for: DVDs now serve as coasters for drinking glasses or as a writing surface, my Reebok Step doubles as a stepping stool to reach food I hide from myself way up high in the pantry, and let me not forget my weights that also make great doorstops. I gotta get my moneys worth!

At this week's meeting I learned something new and received some shocking news. Well, I learned that I must earn between 7-14 points a week in order to lose weight. I earn about 3 points a day with a 3 mile jog/walk. So, for the shocking new...after I reach my goal, I must earn at least 28 points a week to maintain my goal weight...28 points...good lawd!

At the end of the meeting, the leader challenged everyone to add 10 minutes to our workout routine, and for those who have yet to start moving, start out with 10 minutes of activity a day. Now I challenge you! Keep it moving y'all!

So, on to the winner of my first
giveaway...drum roll please! And the winner of the Progresso soup giveaway is...
Amy from Amy's Assorted Adventures!

The scientifical (not a real word) method of selecting a winner...
I decided to use to choose a random umber based on the number of comments received.

Number of comments...268

So into the number generator I plugged in the necessary information...


On to other news...
In keeping with my goal to try at least 3 new recipes a week, I concocted a couple of culinary creations last week. Feast your eyes on this:

Eggster Sliders

Well of course I used my Redi-Set-Go to make my eggsters. I think I cook just about everything in my investment my Mom EVER EVER!!!

I gave up turkey bacon a while back UNTIL...until found Butterball's Low Sodium Turkey Bacon for an amazing 1 pt. for two slices.

2 of these bad boys...4 points!!! Oh, my Mom found these mini buns at Wal-Mart. The only downside, Wal-Mart only sell them in wheat.

Next, I made my In-A-Hurry-Curry-Chicken Wrap...
I found these kid sized flat out wraps at H-E-B.

Well, of course I cooked the ingredients in my Redi Set Go! I used some left over rotisserie chicken my Mom made. I found these mixed peppers and onions in the freezer section at H-E-B.


  1. 5.6 pounds, wow!! That is great. COngratulations girl. I know I definitely need to move more. I've noticed that since I've been getting my am workout in, my weight loss is much more stable. It really makes a difference. Well again, congrats to you and keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome.
    I don't think 28 APs is a requirement...I definitely don't get 28 APs per week and have maintained.

  3. Amazing, Fabulous, Great, Stupendous! Fantastic weight loss! Congrats!

  4. P.A.A.D.D. I love this. I suffer from this as well. It is sad.

    CONGRATS on the weight loss!

  5. Congrats on your loss!!
    I suffer from PAADD too... too bad there are no drugs to fix it :)

  6. I've determined the only way I can get in excercise is to get up at 4am. Ugh. Now I just have to convince myself to do that.

  7. Knew you could do it Trina!! Way to go girl! That is awesome!!

  8. Ohhhh Congrats on the 5.6 pounds gone, gone, GONE!!!!! You are doing so awesome and are being such an inspiration to us girl. Keep it up ummm no keep it down...or keep it losing...^_^


    LOVED some of the recipe ideas..thank you for sharing!!!

  9. 5.6!!!!??? HOLY MOLEY!!! YOU ARE AMAZING MY FRIEND!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!!! :) WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GREAT JOB! I love those lil egg slider thingies! YUM! :)

  10. Move???? I have to move???? That is an awesome week! Congrats to you1

  11. Trina all your food looks so yummy! I can do the exercise and I can do the BUYING of healthier food but I still keep buying lean cuisines and healthy choice meals. It's hard for me to come up with stuff like you do! I will get there!

  12. Can you share the recipe for the eggsliders? They look positively delicious. Is that an egg yolk?

  13. Wow well done you! Yeah, I've always loved shopping for workout stuff. That's the one part I've never needed to work up motivation for!

  14. Holy Toledo Batman!

    Great Job on the 5.6 gone...
    I did pretty well myself... 3 pounds down from last week! Willbe checking out some of your recipee. I think the kids might actually eat the chicken wraps... they can be picky and I am TRYING to get them eating healthier with me... I did say trying!
    You Go Girl! and I'll be following your awesome and encouraging lead!
    btw- moved my office into the basement so I have to go up and down the stairs anytime I need to do anything... bathroom, kitchen, shower, tv guide--- all upstairs!

  15. Hey girlie!! congrats!! your my winner of the ItWorks body slimming system over at I am so glad for you! please email me at with your mailing info so I can get you your prize!!YAY!!

  16. I have a blog award for you! I stalk you ;)

  17. Congrats on your 5.6 lb weight loss! Yippee! I know that I need to move more myself. I work out like crazy, but for the most part during the day I am sitting. I'm working on it!

  18. You need to start preparing my lunch every week. I will pick them up Sunday nights!


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