Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girl Make that Booty POP!

DO YOU NEED SOME MOTIVATION? I just received a COLOSSAL dose of some much needed motivation via TJ's Test Kitchen...check out her journey in pictures. Make sure you grab a box of Kleenex. 

So...TODAY quite a few coworkers complimented me on my ensemble. In all honesty, I thought I looked jazzy everyday (LOL).  As well, yesterday many coworkers admired my new hairstyle, which thanks to tonight's ZUMBA class no longer exist.  

As soon as I arrived home I looked for one of my photographers.  Of course, my youngest rolled his eyes and called me weird for asking him to help me with my afternoon photo-shoot. My kids DO NOT understand the whole blogging thing. Anywho, I call this look...     
I borrowed the glasses from my son for an extra added touch...tres chic!
 A fellow first grade teacher looked at me and then announced, "I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!" I replied, "Girl, I shopped for these clothes in my closet." I wore both the skirt and the shirt during my chunkier days.  Last week I took the skirt to the alteration shop. And yes I escaped the shop unscathed! I rocked the belt to detract from the bagginess of the shirt.

On to the booty poppin! The ZUMBA instructor introduced some new routines, and one of them quickly became my favorite:


  1. I love, love, love it. Both my Zumba and Night-Club cardio classes use that song and girllll...sometimes I forget where I am and start dropping it a lil too much.

  2. LMBO!! Girl you was gettin it! Pretty pics look how small your waist is!


    Your tiny waist! WOW!!! That second pic is so you! I can't wait to get home to view the video!


  4. Love the outfit! Very fall chic :)

  5. *In my Wendy voice*
    Lookin FIYAH Ms Trina. Love the look…love the poses and you are looking great seriously 
    Real motivation!

  6. Girrrlll you had me poppin all up in my seat!!
    I loves it!
    I know I just lost .2 lbs LMAO

  7. chic indeed! love the blue, brown combo.
    and you can certainly pop. haha.
    who is filming?

  8. Hi new reader here!

    I love your outfit, super cute. My son does the same thing if I ask him to take a picture of me.

    I love my Zumba class it's definitely more latin infused than hip hop. All our music is reggaeton which I love!

    I love seeing vids of other Zumba classes. You were getting it in!

  9. you are so HAWT!!!

    and my God that's you poppin like that? holy crap. makes that poor girl on your left look really... uh... dare I say it? white...

  10. Love the outfit! Great idea to take clothes to be altered. If you love something it's way cheaper to alter it than to buy new.

    I so enjoy the Zumba videos!! You should teach that class and do the lady in the pink a favor and stand further away from her. You left her in your Zumba dust!!

  11. You do look teacher chic!!!! Great tip to get what you already own altered. You was KILLIN the zumba routine, but I couldn't stop laughing at the white lady on your left....poor chile, she couldn't find the beat if it hit her own the head!

  12. XOXO Thank you my friend!!!

    I loved the pics & video! YOU ARE WORKING IT GIRL!!! HOTTIE! *whistle whistle!* hehe :)

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outfit!!

    GIRLLLL the video had me cracking up!! LMAO!! You were breaking it down but I was dying laughing at some of the women in the class.. all off beat, it was too funny. This class looks like sooo much fun!!

  14. Thanks for sharing your motivation! I blogged about my weight loss motivation yesterday I believe?? I've lost 95 pounds in the last 13 1/2 months and reading about other stories keeps me inspired! You look great btw!

  15. Girl, you were getting it, had me in the mirror dropping, and I broke a sweat lol, I get my Zumba vids next week and I can't wait to start I love to dance and it really works you out. Loved this post!!

  16. That is a cute look and the belt make it pop. Thanks for the inspiration!


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