Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday, my body screamed in pain with every move I made. EVERYTHING HURT...EVERYTHING! 
 When I coughed...IT HURT!
  When I laughed...IT HURT!
And the source of my pain...two words...BOOT CAMP! In addition to my weekly ZUMBA and kick boxing classes, I made the insane decision to give boot camp a try. The minute I walked in the door and caught a glimpse of the instructor's t-shirt I panicked! His shirt read...


And let me be the one to tell you, "THAT SHIRT AIN'T LYING!"  A time or two I overheard a couple of fellow boot campers let some expletives fly.

For me, the MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS bring out the worst in me! When I see Art (the instructor) pull the towels from the black bag I CRINGE!  What are MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS you ask? I can show you better than I can tell you!

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  1. You were great! Those babies are soooo hard! Looks like a fun class, I really like that song.

  2. Get it girl, it looked hard but you kept going.

  3. WOW...I can't believe you girl!! You are really getting into this and it is sooooo showing. I'm so proud of you and for you. Sticking to your lifestyle change even with all the horrible thoughts going through your head at that drill sargent...LOL!!!


    I have to using the towels a bit easier on the knees than the old way of doing this exercise...I have wooden floors so I might give this a try myself.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU DID SOOOO GOOD!! I totally understand how you were feeling though. I took a boot camp last Fall and I cursed incessantly and once I almost cried, we were doing burpees.

    I'm starting boot camp on Friday. Yikes!!!

    Keep it up, you are rocking it!!


  5. Get it girl!!! You did great I don't think I could do those I think my legs started hurtin a lil bit just watching that exercise. Go girl! lol. Have a great week!!

  6. yes I have been KNOWN to slink out sneak out of class as the words MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS are slipping out of the instructors mouth.

    Im not proud--but its true.


  7. hahahahahahah
    not as easy as the booty bumps eh? ;)

  8. Why am I googling your zumba instructor right now!?! It looks fun!


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